Who can play video games here?


i dont feel interest in games :frowning:

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Life is not a video game. Go amongst people. Like the city. Just sit there and observe. Don’t judge.



I play games sometimes. A lot of the time I don’t have enough interest, but I like playing games sometimes with my husband when he wants to play games. Ori and the Blind Forest is my favorite. And Bioshock.



Me and my friend play James Bond a lot, sports games, other fighting and shooting games. My favorite is jeopardy though. It’s educational and fun and competitive. I Won yesterday. I’ve been getting better and winning a lot more lately.

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I play a lot, but I have a hard time getting invested in new games so I almost only replay my older games. I found that some games function as a way of checking my current mood, mental status & such which makes them not just fun but also somewhat necessary to keeping me in touch with the progress of life.

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I can’t play anymore that often. I can’t enjoy them, I get delusions and it’s also work to play a game for me. But from time to time I surely try, even if it’s just ten or fifteen minutes. I would be better if I wouldn’t try them anymore, because the hardware is expensive and most games cost money.

I’m interested in Apex Legends, FF14, WoW BfA and Everquest 2 right now, watching some videos. I guess I stay away from playing.


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