I am bored to play video games

dont have will… how is your will

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You should do anything enjoyable to improve mood. At one point I was downloading music and played solitaire while drinking to avoid soul-crushing emptiness. Lively dark techno helped me. The kind that sounds like I’m hunting at night. Eventually felt a little better and began going through my backlog, uninstalling games indiscriminately if they didn’t entertain. Discovered that good games actually exist.


My friend calls me everyday to play Call of Duty with him online for an hour. He motivates me.


There haven’t been many good new games out I’m waiting for age of empires 3 definitive edition but they don’t even have a release date yet :pensive:

GTA 6 should be goood. Also maybe AC Valhalla.

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I listen music on Spotify

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im playing saints row the third at the moments,its not bad.

I used to play tekken obsessively but meds make it so boring.

Ive got about 60 games i havent even touched. I always buy a couple on payday - but then never play them. I play for a about 5 mins and easily get bored with it.

I sorta blame the jab - cos unless ive had a joint, there is no enjoyment anymore.

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I go in phases with video game playing. Some days I’ll play PS4 like a pro or I feel like pulling out my Switch for Everspace or Octopath Traveler or Minecraft.

My mood goes up and down so it depends how I feel for the day…or hour.

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I notice I can only play certain games now that I take antipsychotics I use to play all sorts of games

Same thing, I have over 2000Gb of games in my pc that I bought but only play one because my friend call me everyday to play it with him online, Call of Duty.

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I change games regularly to maintain my interest. Some days I go without gaming because I can’t focus due to hallucinations with TVs; some days I can manage to hyperfocus on a single game.

I get frustrated because I often forget controls or have poor memory of strategic components of the games.

For a while I couldn’t really work up the motivation to game but recently I was able to break through that barrier. A few weeks ago, on a whim, I bought a fairly obscure 3DS detective-themed visual novel and beat its main story in about six hours lol. Now I feel confident that I might see success in other gaming endeavors, too - maybe a little too confident, because I bought Dark Souls for the Switch last week lol (though I’ve yet to try it).

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