Who are your favorite poets? MI or not

kay redfield jamison, a psychologist who suffered w/bipolar disorder said in a bigthink interview video I watched that bipolar disorder might perhaps be described as a muse.

people with bipolar disorder historically, I would guess, sloped at times into the peaks and troughs of emotional experiences, at which time, I’d believe, some of them with prior education found themselves producing poetry which would have at least attempt med to capture, through literary expressions, the very heights of human exaltation or the most inexplorable depths of human sadness

virginia woolf was a poet. She died by suicide unfortunately, she put rocks in her pockets and walked into a lake, prior to that she produced beautiful poetry…she experienced bouts of depression, she was known for her employment of the stream of consciousness

i have never read any of her poetry, unfortunately for me, I’m neither keen on learning new things, nor at times able to have emotional experiences like normal healthy people do. That is my life and I accept it.

my symptoms make it so I can’t read and understand and really feel anything, I don’t mean to express that bitterly, or to be negativistic :sweat_smile:

so this is a poem which is clearly about hypomania…and I find it amazing to think that there were persons who suffered with psychotic disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar long before modern medicine, who were able to describe in words, the way symptoms of these disorders feel, as there may not have been common precise words at that time to describe what they felt was going on

so, to be able to read her poetry and the poetry of schizophrenics or other people with mental illness…that’s a tool

but the literary approach can, I’d imagine, be valuable to those of us who feel we might gain a better understanding of our disease from that form of expression

i feel at times that I am alone in my MI struggle…I’m sure reading poetry like this…it helps

any Virginia Woolf fans here?


Antonin Artaud (H)
Konstantin Batyushkov (H, SA)
Charles Baudelaire (SA)
Thomas Lovell Beddoes (S)
John Berryman (H, S)
William Blake
Aleksandr Blok
Barcroft Boake (S)
Louis Bogan (H)
Rupert Brooke
Robert Burns
George Gordon, Lord Byron
Thomas Campbell
Paul Celan (S)
Thomas Chatterton (S)
John Clare (H)
Harley Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
William Collins (H)
William Cowper (H, SA)
Hart Crane (S)
George Darley
John Davidson (S)
Emily Dickinson - more
Ernest Dowson
T.S. Eliot (H)
Sergey Esenin (S)
Robert Fergusson (H)
Afanasy Fet (SA)
Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea
Edward FitzGerald
John Gould Fletcher (S)
Gustaf Froding (SA, H)
Oliver Goldsmith
Adam Lindsay Gordon (S)
Thomas Gray
Nikolai Gumilyov (SA)
Robert Stephen Hawker
Friedrich Holderlin (H)
Gerard Manley Hopkins - More
Victor Hugo
Randal Jarrell (H, S)
Samuel Johnson
John Keats - More
Henry Kendall (H)
Velimir Khlebnikov (H)
Heinrich Von Kleist (S)
Walter Savage Landor
Nikolaus Lenau (H)
J.M.R. Lenz (SA)
Mikhail Lermontov
Vachel Lindsay (S)
James Russell Lowell
Robert Lowell (H)
Hugh MacDiarmid (H)
Louis MacNeice
Osip Mandelstam (H, SA)
James Clarence Mangan
Vladimir Mayakovsky (S)
Edna St. Vincent Millay (H)
Alfred de Musset
Gerard de Nerval (H, S)
Boris Pasternak (H)
Cesare Pavese (S)
Sylvia Plath (H, S)
Edgar Allan Poe (SA)
Ezra Pound (H)
Alexander Pushkin
Laura Riding (SA)
Theodore Roethke (H)
Delmore Schwartz (H)
Anne Sexton (H, S)
Percy Bysshe Shelley - More (SA)
Christopher Smart (H)
Torquato Tasso (H)
Sara Teasdale (H, S)
Alfred, Lord tennyson
Dylan Thomas
Edward Thomas
Francis Thompson
George Trakl (H, S)
Marina Tsvetayeva (S)
Walt Whitman - More


I like poetry. I can write it pretty well if I’m wanting to get laid!

My favorite poets not on this list are Alan Ginsberg and Hafiz.

Ginsberg was a beat poet but his poem “America” is an astounding poem at the height of the hippie era.

Hafiz is a sufi poet who found god. I’m an athiest but he’s just so much fun with his faith and his observations on humanity. He’s a contempory of Rumi but so much better!


TS Elliot. RM Rilke. ee cummings


I like T.S. Eliot for “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. I read that poem aloud every morning at sunrise one summer. I like Samuel Taylor Coleridge for “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”. I like all of Robert Frost’s poems, and Emily Dickenson is good.


@rogueone and i already talked in a different topic. I like hafiz as well.

Ibn arabi and Slauerhoff too. Ibn Arabi has a very freespirited view of faith. Slauerhoff has this restless longing, trying to settle down and then getting restless again that has always been inside me as well.

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I’ll check em out @anon73478309 are they online? Hafiz was a realized soul. I love that. I don’t need to be religious to appreciate that. He was more a zen/taoist in my books anyways.

I have a collection of Hafiz’s works called " The Gift " Amazing bit of work. Glad you enjoy it!


I surely think one neednt be religious to enjoy hafiz or ibn arabi and feel the meaning of their words.

Ibn arabi is found online. Im not sure how accurate translations are. I like the one starting with: “My heart can take on any form…”

Slauerhoff is dutch and im not sure if there is much translated verse of him in english online. Here is a discription plus poem…but this isnt one im specifically fond of. http://www.letterenfonds.nl/en/book/841/the-poetry-of-j-slauerhoff

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Its cool to see that people living before modern headmedscience were insightful enough to describe how they were feeling…it gives us an insider look into the disorders, I believe.

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Shane Koyczan is my favorite spoken poet (slam poetry). I’ve gone to see him twice.
The poem “To this day” is my favorite by him.

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Like it! 151515

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Do you write poetry @crimby ? Sorry my memory is not the best

Maya Angelou is one of my favorites.

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I’ve read a few poems that I like, not all of one author. These are almost awesome in nature and ironic sometimes, hard truths to understand. I like Basho too- a haiku master.

Yeah. I love to hear Maya read her poems. She had an amazing voice.


Also a Khalil Gibran fan here.

Also Beowulf. I have it translated by Seamus Heany. Both in Anglo-Saxon and Modern English.


Yes. I write a little poetry. I wouldn’t call it a vocation, but I write one from time to time.


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