Poetry? Anyone

Does anyone else try writing in a notebook for therapy? It seems to help a bit. Poetry is my new hobby.


Oh yea, for many years after my diagnosis. Can’t write poetry though. I enjoy going to poetry readings though.


I can write good poetry when I’m in the mood. Largely that means trying to impress the ladies and opening up an opportunity for the rumpity, bumpity!

For years I couldn’t read books as a lover of reading but I’d read a lot of poetry. I found some really good stuff when I worked in the bookstore in the States. If you have a chance look up Hafiz. A sufi poet and amazing poet.

More power to you! Writing poetry is a skill and an art!


My mind is always racing and it’s hard for me to remain stable. Its been helpful with communication as well to my wife. Although alot of times I isolate myself to write them.

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Communication with others is what it is about. Talking and listening are great skills for those that suffer.

I’m lucky I’ve always been a talker. I’ve been mad as a hatter but I can talk and I’m warm and interesting!

Hang in there. It’s important!


Thanks man I appreciate that

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I would but idk it would end up being personal n idk if I’d want anyone to read… But I may give it a go thanks @Lostnconfused for the idea. I need an extra hobby.

Feel free to share some poetry if u ever want. I love reading others poetry

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do you have one you want to share? I like to read other people’s poetry.

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Ok I will share one my wife picks out


Hafez is great! I also like Slauerhoff, though nobody can read it cause it is dutch. :confused:

I just read poetry, not write. I tried once, in the desert, and was quite proud of the result. But now i never do.

             Your Touch

On our first date we held hands,
My eyes shimmered, my heart pounded,
I was nervous as ever, but not at a glance.
Felt as if it couldn’t get better than this,
As I smiled, held conversation with you,
Able to hold my head high with confidence.
When I looked into your eyes, got lost in the glaze,
In their mirrored appearance I was able to look through them to the other side,
I was amazed.
That I met this angel from His kingdom above,
After all the battles I’ve previously fought,
I was finally awarded with your love.
Everytime we touched we became one,
Never felt that way before,
I became addicted to this gorgeous woman.
Your lips were like candy soft and sweet,
Couldn’t get over the intense reaction,
My heart grew in size and skipped a beat.
I fell in love with you fast and sure,
That what we had would be forever,
Nothing could stop it, not endure.


I love writing poetry, I even self published a little book just to feel like I’ve done something in all my spare time! I think it’s a great way to get your emotions and thoughts out, especially when there’s so much going on in there.


Sounds like a great idea… Then u can look back at it in the future aswell

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I noticed there are some quite avid poets here. There is quite a lot of them too. Not sure why there is so many. I have never really been interested my self, I tried writing lyrics for songs but they were not too good.

here’s a poem i wrote. i just write rhyming poems. that’s all i ever liked as a kid i guess.

who is my hero
a hero of my heart
everyone deserves a hero
hurting people too
but hero’s don’t come often
and sometimes you can’t see
that hero’s live and die
just like you and me
who is my hero
a hero of my heart
it’s not romantic love
and the kiss and touch of you
it’s not the familiar sounds
of those people we all knew
the hero of our hearts
is not behind a hidden wall
but a hero does exist
he exists within us all


nice. what woman doesn’t want to hear this.

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we used to have a very active Creative section on the old forum

I tried to keep up with @pob

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I have been writing poetry since my teens. I find that it is a good way to express the things i feel and think about. I haven’t been writing as much lately though. It comes and goes with my moods.


It can take the slightest thing to hegett me started writing. again Maybe if I paid more attention…


despite it all, I have a good memory @pob