Who am i kidding? 6 mth subscription match.com

i signed up for it, 6 mths on match.com and i keep thinking i havent got a hope in the world

i tried to go to a singles party but no-one would go with me :frowning:

i dont think i can do it tbh. everything is against me.

I’ve really lost my confidence when it comes to the dating scene. Being more or less asexual at the moment isn’t helping. Maybe I’d be best getting a SZ girlfriend.

Take it easy. You said yesterday that you wanted to change things up a bit, so this is an attempt to do that. It might work out, it might not, but at least you’re doing something to pursue your goals.

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That attitude will get you nowhere quick @asgoodasitgets. Women like confidence.

its ok in person but not online, i cant break the ice, cant get talking to people

Ask them questions about themselves.

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I found a lot more success and kinder women on p o f rather than match.com…nobody would talk to me on match…

Online dating is horrible. I’m female and have tried it. Here is how it goes from our side:

  1. We go from almost never getting any flirtatious attention in real life, to getting hundreds of messages from guys every week. It’s terrifying.
  2. Most of the messages are terrifying, so we don’t even read most of them after a while.
  3. When we do try to respond, as soon as we think it might not work out and try to nicely say no thank you, the guy starts sending us vulgar and abusive messages.
  4. So we stop responding to even the normal sounding messages.
  5. Even if we see a guy who seems like a good match, we’re too terrified to talk to any of you. We can’t even hear your tone or read your body language the way we could in person, we have no way at all to gauge whether or not you’re a psycho like the last 5 people.
  6. We stop logging onto the site, the site owner must replace us with fake profiles to keep you guys coming back.

Online dating in a nutshell.


i have a solution, maybe if you go for the guys that say nothing like me haha (jk) :confused:

to tell you the truth, women are only going to go with someone with the best prospects and i aint got that, i havent got any prospects, i have no Job, no driving license or car, no…libido, i cant do most sports and i have mental illness, the list is endless, must be millions of reasons why i dont get a date, millions of neuro receptors out of alignment lol idk

@Turnip well, you never met ME online…I think online dating is wonderful.

What about nolongerlonely.com

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i think you’d have to be a little bit crazy to go on a dating website, because i cant get it anywhere else, the whole reason i am on these sites is because i cant get out and meet people and date properly

No, women in general don’t respond much online unless they are aggressive gold diggers or psychopaths with an agenda, themselves. Sure you get your “green” people who are new to the scene and full of hope, but after a handful of scary and warped interactions, most of us are like k we’re good on this ■■■■ and don’t respond anymore. This will lead the actual decent guys in there to think that they are “undesirable” when in reality a bunch of your less than stellar brethren have just created an online culture where women are very unlikely to respond to anybody. If you want some examples just do a Google images search for “bye felipe” and you can see the sorts of things that have ruined ya’ll good guys’ chances. It’s way more productive IMO to develop stronger in person skills.

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what would you do if you were me @Turnip ?

If I were you I would try to figure out social things I could do, like events and hobbies, classes, entertainment, anything where you have an excuse to be social with others. Then try to just be yourself and slowly build confidence, maybe you’ll meet someone, but maybe not or not for a while. I understand that a lot of us aren’t so lucky, not like there is a fool proof plan or anything. Online dating in the background is fine, but not worth paying money for because the odds are such ■■■■. Something free like OKCupid where you set up the profile, and get message alerts if anyone message you, and just leave it at that. Sending out 100 messages a week and getting no replies will just make anyone feel like garbage.

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My best results have come from places where I meet people with common interests. It may take a while to find someone, you may not even be looking, but you’re more likely to meet someone on the same wavelength. Online or in person, it doesn’t matter.

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I admit I occasionally entertain the fantasy of meeting my soul mate at a herpetology expo. He will be slightly overweight, have a beard, struggle with depression and anxiety, and love building habitats.


You’re making me fall a little for your dream herpetologist! He sounds lovely!

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Yes indeed. We decide not to have children because we would probably make terrible parents; instead we raise bearded dragons.


My dream herpetologist already has a kid, and I’d be a devoted stepmom. He’s also not a herpetologist, to be fair.