Whispering my name

They are whispering my name. It is scary, but at least I know not to listen to whispers. It’s better than yelling voices, but they sound scary.

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I am sorry that you are hearing voices again though they are in low volume. Maybe you need an increase of the dose of meds. Take care, my friend.

Yes I hear voices all the time too. Perhaps if you don’t worry about them too much they will go away. I think worrying attracts negative things like this. This is something I believe I have come to find in my life at any rate.

This happens to me all the time to. Mostly when I am trying to sleep and everything is quiet, i would hear someone whispering my name. Sometimes my dads snoring alters itself to sound like someone is calling me. It can give the chicken skin, but I am quite use to it now.

I find that when I relax things just work out a lot better in general.

my voices give me the weather, and sports updates

mine are just arseholes really.

Mine get louder the more stress that I am under. Try to reduce stress, do some meditation, listen to soft music, draw, color, whatever finds you peace.


Same boat here as @Saphire. More stress, louder more obnoxious voices. Less stress, it’s just soft muttering.

I’ ve not heared the whispering voices before. I have had yelling voices, screaming, talking loud that I can’t hear other 3D ppl. Maybe my voices are calming down. Or maybe they just found a new way to freak me out…

sorry you are hearing that.
take care

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This was the first kind of voice I ever heard. Ages before any onset of other symptoms I would once in a blue moon hear a female voice whisper my name. It was very faint and soft and not evil or taunting at all but audible enough that I’d look around to see who had said this.

I remember telling a psychologist this and he said that it had to have been someone playing a prank or something, but it wasn’t, it was coming from inside my head. This was back when I was still in high school and like I said ages before any of the other symptoms began.

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I have to ask my pdoc. But she is on vacation now. She will be back in august. Maybe there is someone else to talk to. One of her co workers. But I hate switching doctors.