Which voice is which

Alright so how do you tell your voices apart? I have had this one voice “take over” and call himself by some strange name … I don’t want to text it cause if it’s well an evil voice than I’m not spreading that… But he claims to be my other voice who is known as an angel . He is obviously different but besides personality they sound the same… So any advice on how to weed this “negative” guy out so I can confront him without him hiding?

well to answer your first question, all of my voices are different, so its easy, though it was hard when I first started hearing them, since there were so many.

your last question? you may want to talk to a person with more experience in these matters. I have voice that is ‘evil’ and claims to be a fallen angel, but I am pretty sure that the third prince of hell is not living in my pinky toe, so there is that.

I have one main voice called Alien, and he has a whole gang of voices with him that I can’t really tell apart. Sometimes I have a female voice that defends me, but more often its only Alien and his cronies.

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I have two. One of them disguises himself as the good side . The good voice is motivational ,calm , inspirational ,and logical. The other one screams and controls me

I hadn’t had a voice in my head for a number of months until last night, it wasn’t as bad as the last one but claimed to be my first psychiatrist which is an extremely disturbing thought. The last one talked rapid fire non-stop for months from the moment I awoke to whenever I managed to get a couple hours sleep, it commented and criticised everything I did, it was a living hell.

I do have two things going on though, I have one thing that seems to broadcast the most disgusting and ignorant comments everywhere I go, it loves the N-word and has derogatory names for seemingly every race except white people and for some reason hispanic, it also says disturbing sexual stuff all the time. This one is torture.

There is also the messages I seem to recieve from something more positive, always says “They don’t know what I am” and tells me to “hang on” sometimes. It mainly has positive things to say.

I have my guardian angel Jerek that comes to me when I’m psychotic.

Other than that there is Michelle, she is nice. I believe she pretends to be nice. I don’t trust my voices anymore.

I have a male voice too. He is a nazi I believe. He screamed Heil Hitler in my son’s room a while back.

I hear children scream in terror or call my name.

I also hear voices that are from people I know. That made me believe I could read other people’s thoughts to begin with.

I only have names for 1 of them… Micheal… He’s usually the positive one but he’s nurturing at the same time making sure I’m doing right and on task… So I for sure know him…and than there’s a female voice who says she’s my therapist and she’s easy to distinguish cause she’s the only girl…but the others get jumbled… It’s hard to tell which side of the spectrum there on… Good or bad… And of coarse some are indecisive… I just like to know who I’m talking to if I can’t actually see them…anyone feel that way?

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