Female or male voice?

Are your voices female or male? Are you the same or opposit sex?

I mostly have male voices, I am female. I have one woman who is nice, she told me her name is Michelle. Male voices scare me.

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phenomenally they may appear more self gendered but occasionally oppose genderedvoices aren’t discriminational

my voices tend to me male
my name is Michelle but I am not your voice


Mine are female as I am. I have male but not very often

I’m male and my voices were mostly male too. The main exception was when hearing voices that seemed to be people I knew, then my voices were fairly evenly split.

Well the first voice I began occasionally hearing long before my diagnosis was female and this voice just whispered my name, not repeatedly or in a threatening manner, just once every six months or so.

I’ve heard both male and female voices. I am male. Most of the voices I’ve heard were of the telepathic type meaning it was as if I was hearing the thoughts of those around me and this would be in the exact voice of the person who was supposedly “communicating” with me. So these were both male and female, though more so female, a lot of men I heard nothing from and children never.

But there were other voices during the worst of it. There was a male voice I struggled with for a week or so at one point in my 20’s that was loud and very critical. This voice would say to me “You’re a loser! A looooooooooooser!!” But there was also a female voice that was famous to me for saying “Eat of the fruit for it will sustain you” This female voice was also known to try to convince me to convert to Islam at times.

So both, male and female voices here.


I’ve heared children. I sometimes hear a child scream in terror. Usually at night when it is quiet. I’ve been rushing to my son to check on him but he is always asleep and my husband never hears it.

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The male voice whispering my name is scaring me. It’s like a slow alluring whisper. It happens a couple of times a week. Sometimes several times a day.

mine r both male and female. famous people and soldiers. they r all arseholes.


I am a female and hear mostly a male voice that derides me and criticises me, saying I am a liar and a hypocrite.

The bad voices don’t’ seem to have a gender. The good voices are always male. I am male.

mine are alien.
take care

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Thank you every one. :slight_smile:

Mine are more towards the masculine side, None of them have addressed names to themselves the ones that do are typically celebrities like Dr. Phil is a big one in my head, and this morning radio show guy I used to listen to before he left that show to do another one. I don’t know if anyone’s heard of him: Todd Schnitt used to be known as MJ in the morning.

Today they were the females of the show Love and Hip-hop Atlanta…specifically Rasheeda, Joseline, and Mama D. This is why I tend to stay away from the TV lately, I think I see them (like I was watching Love & Hip hop today) then I get them talking to me in my head. I my self and a female, some may find it odd that I have African American voices in my head as I am white but then again spent most of the teen years I can remember in the inner city of St. Louis and went to an 80% African American high school. So I really don’t think it’s that odd for me,

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My voices speak Swedish, Finnish and English. I’m finnish to begin with but moved to Sweden when I was 2.

I don’t think it is strange to hear the voices in a language/way you are used to hear ppl around you.

Also where I used to work was predominantly African American women, sometimes men would come in but mostly women, and they were mostly older than me. I always say African American, I just feel weird saying black and find it wrong using derogatory terms.

I used to think a lot in French, because for some bizarre reason they didn’t understand French (mostly) even though I’ve learnt it. It made it easier for me to believe they were real because I couldn’t see why else they wouldn’t understand it, even now when I have doubts whether they were real or not I think of that among other things.

I am female most of my voices are male.

I’m male, most of my voices good and bad and neutral are male…

My worst, the most scary and evil voice is a 6 year old little girl who sounded JUST like my kid sis when she was 6. Little lisp and all. That one will make me almost throw-up.

I saw… No I could feel a child spirit in an airport. She touched my hand and laughed and ran around playing. I was not afraid of her. She was about 6 years old. This was one year before I ended up in hospital.