Which tea is the best for you?

I used to drink green teas, but recently I developed a favor for black tea. I bought both Ceylon teas (black) and Chinese black teas. But I drink them without sugar or milk. I just drink pure black teas.

Now I would ask you what’s your favorite black tea? (I mean which brand)

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Ugh I wish I liked tea. That stuff is so healthy for you, but I just can’t bring myself to drink it. This pisses me of haha

Some time ago I used to drink both black and green teas. These were all kinds of teas (Indian, African, English, Russian etc.) and then I put some honey in my tea and it tasted great. For some reason I stopped and now I just drink coffee.

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yeah, putting honey into black tea sounds a good idea. I will experiment on it.

Tend to be more of a coffee person but I really like tea tree tea but finding it hard to find.

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Lipton iced tea. Use lots of lemons -

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I personally like Chia tea. Spiced Chia tea is the best in the winter. Give it a try!

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I don’t like drinking regular tea. My family has always loved it but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I do like that processed store bought tea, the kind that tastes kind of like chemicals, with lemon flavoring. It’s got to be cold too.

This is the kinds of tea I’m talking about, any brand will do. Most tea drinkers I’ve met dislike it but I like it.

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i love mint tea

I drink red tea (with milk and sugar) a lot. Sometimes I just drink Pokka Oolong Tea (Japanese brand, made in Singapore).

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I like tea… the Tevana stuff is fun. But I also like the small blended stuff my sis gets form the herbal shop. We’ll try mail order stuff and just anything that looks interesting.

As far as type? I love chi.

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I tried green tea once I only managed half a mug before throwing it down the sink. I’ll occasionally drink a standard tea a la box of tea bags but I’m not a connoisseur of teas .
One tea I definitely don’t like is Earl Grey.
I buy Turkish lemon tea off Amazon sometimes.

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I love tea - black is my favorite, but I do like green tea as well. Tea is so much better for you than coffee but my problem with tea is, I do think I am allergic. I once drank some green tea - It was a pretty strong variety and my blood pressure sky rocketed and I had developed a sudden rash all over my body - my breathing was labored - I had to go to the Emergency Room. I also think that I am mildly allergic to black tea, I have a hard time breathing a bit.
I want to try to drink some again, but am deathly afraid of the outcome

I dring none caffeinated tea. Camomile or mint.

I don’t drink much tea, but when I do, I usually drink rooibos tea (a South African indigenous tea), with a slice of lemon or some ginger or cinnamon. I like earl grey as well and chamomile, and other herbal teas.

Iced tea (cold black tea) made at home is my favorite. They only buy the really cheap tea bags called Ambiance iced tea bags. It isnt bought by me just drunk by me in mass quantities.

Anyone heard of Snapple? Flavored ice tea in a bottle. Comes in peach, raspberry, lemon, etc. It is so sweet and the flavoring is so strong that it doesn’t even taste like tea. Which is why I like it! I don’t like tea. I’ve tried drinking tea many times and I don’t like it and I’m tired of my family trying to get me to like it.

Organic white tea is really good for you. You can get the cheap stuff in bags, but the best white tea is loose leaf. You can buy it at your local specialty tea store. Get that, a strainer and a tea thermometer and you’ll have the best tea you’ve ever tasted!

twinings chai tea but with milk and sweetner

There you go…was going to mention white tea which is even better than green tea, some say…
I also drink several different types of herbal teas, some with plants that grow around here and some i get at the health food store…