Which tea is the best for you?

I prefer green tea, but I will drink Early Grey Green Tea blend. I used to like black teas, but now I find them too bitter. Oddly, my cat also likes green tea. She will actually drink out of my cup when I’m not looking, but not if it’s orange pekoe. Then she makes ‘kitty face’ and wanders off.


Iced tea can be such a refreshing cooling delight.

I adore chai tea!

I used to drink it every night but it is more expensive.

I also enjoy black tea and loose weight teas with fruit n flowers etc and vanilla and herbal teas,red tea roobiboos etc

I like all the teas I have ever had.

I prefer some over others.

Green tea is said to be healthy and I like it on occasion but it can be a but bitter .

I do not drink tea often but would like to drink it a bit more often.

I drink lots of coffee daily.

Ahhhh it’s a zombie thread!!!

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