Tea questions for anyone who drinks it

@SurprisedJ and any other tea drinker

I checked out that adagio tea site that you suggested. Dad didn’t want to order from there because it was more expensive than teavana even though by just a little bit.

My question is - C likes Earl Grey tea and I want to buy him some from adagio for his birthday. I’m not really sure I want to go with Earl Grey and I am thinking about getting him to try something new. He doesn’t like the herbalness of green tea and I am thinking that it would be better to stick with a black tea.

Is there a good transition from Earl Grey to other teas on there?

He likes to put milk in his tea. Is it best to stick with Earl Grey because of that?

What is your favorite Earl Grey on there? He likes peppery overtones I think.

Which Earl Grey is the strongest? He drinks coffee too so I suspect that he would want the same strong flavor in tea. I think that because after drinking too many strong drinks like coffee I have trouble tasting lighter teas like Dagonswell.

Which tea is your favorite?

Sorry about all the questions. He is a hard person to shop for. I already tried buying him some coffee. He likes starbucks dark coffee and I messed up and got a really terrible variety. I am trying not to mess this one up too! (It’s not him being a snob. I didn’t even try the coffee, I just put the spoon he stirred it with in my mouth. It was really horrible.)

Thank you!

I love tea. I drink it all the time, and I always put in milk and sugar. I mostly drink chai, but it’s from Tescos in the UK and just called ‘chai’ so I’m not sure which that would be but it’s great, probably my favourite. So maybe it could be worth looking at some of the chai flavours - If you wanted to go that way there’s a chai sampler with four different chai teas. And I’m not really sure what the different Earl Grey teas would be like, I don’t really have experience with those. I like English breakfast tea too. Only English Breakfast isn’t necessarily that interesting - I don’t know how common it is in the US but in the UK it’s like a standard normal tea.

Darjeeling is a nice black tea. Also they actually sell a double burgamont earl grey at some grocery stores he would probably like :slight_smile:

I am far from a tea connoisseur. Currently have several kinds in my home. There are herbal, green, white and black teas that I know of. I drink herbal. My hubby black. My daughter herbal and green. My son all of them. For Christmas my hubby got me an infuser tea pot from Teavana which is kinda cool. There is something about making a pot of tea :smile: I think white tea has less caffeine then black tea. It sounds like C likes black tea. Perhaps a specialty tea store could help to direct you to a type of tea that is like Earl Grey.

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Harney and Sons can do mail order AND be found in markets. They do a rather traditional earl gray.

this next one is a bit strong for me… but your C might like it… and this brand IS usually in many markets

This is a fun little on-line shop that has a lot of classic english teas


I actually do like Tevana’s Earl Grey Cream… but that’s just me.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.

A gift I got for an ex boyfriend might be a good choice for you too: gun powder black tea loose. You can also get him a tea strainer. It makes tea time a fun hands-on activity. He’ll be able to impress his guests and tea enthusiast friends. It’s a real grown up way of serving tea. I prefer it to bagged tea.

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hi I’m an avid tea drinker/collector. Although I’m not crazy about Earl Grey there is one that I like put out by one of my favorite tea companies. Stashteas.com is a great place to obtain it. It is less expensive than Teavana yet it has some of my favorite teas in all the tea-dom. Look through their flavors…my favorite black tea of theirs is called “Christmas Morning” (there’s nothing Christmasy about it.) It is a blend of at least 5 different black teas and is delicious…They also do sell Earl Grey. Check them out.

I can’t stand the smell/taste of Bergamot. Something about it makes my skin crawl. uck. I’ll drink any other tea but that.

Love English Breakfast-straight black tea-basic,but a little stronger. My son loves Chai.

The only tea I like is Snapple. I could drink that stuff all day. Especially peach flavored.