Which option do u suggest for cognition

I take

  1. Clozapine 200
  2. clobazam 20mg
  3. paroxeting 37.5

After researching I have found 3 options for cognition

  1. Adding risperidone + aripiprazole(abilify)
  2. Adding memantine
  3. Adding atmoxetine
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Seems like you’re obsessed with this. I heard of memantine I would try that I guess? A member here had success with it. Not sure your doctor would prescribe it though.

He prescribed memantine once, but i didnt took it

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ok have decided to not take any new meds. Will stick with old meds.

Abilify is making me paranoid. I think @Wave also experienced similar experience with abilify

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Yes, Abilify increased my paranoia @clinic.

Ive noticed if i increase my benzo, i dont experience paranoia

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@Wave , oh well, I was wrong, increasing my benzo did not fix paranoia induced by abilify. I’m still feeling like crying after only 2 doses of Abilify

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I’d recommend amyloban

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well another option for cognition is latuda(lurasidone)

Omega 3. Best for cognition. Need to take it consistently every day for at least two weeks to notice the effect.

Holy basil aka Tulsi tea, can notice quick calming effect which reduces impulsive behaviour which is useful to reduce ocd, anxiety etc.

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I noticed that with holy basil tea aswell it seems to calm me down.

Read, do puzzles, learn new things, exercise your noodle. Improving or even maintaining cognition takes effort on a daily basis.

Omega 3 does the opposite of what holy basil do. So if your anxiety and irritability is high then taking holy basil tea a better option. It have mild AP effect.

what meds are the later ones? Never heard of. Adding abilify, you could try, but thats just another med with sideeffects.
anxiety can mess with cognition.