Abilify reduces prolactin but worsens psychosis

Well pdoc gave me abilify 2mg to lower my prolactin caused by amisulpride, But i didnt took it cuz last time i tried low dose abilify, it made me very paranoid.

Is there any other options to lower prolactin ?

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Zotepine and clozapine but I think clozapine reduces sex drive regardless of its effect on prolactin

Check Lancet and Google to confirm what I said

We are not stopping amisulpride. Tapering down clozapine right now, will eventually stop due to treatment resistant ocd. I have tried many APs, and amisulpride is working well for me besides the high prolactin.

I am suggesting an adjunctive ap, not telling you to stop amisulpride, you can also try googling for some medicine to reduce prolactin then check with your doctor to see if there is any drug interaction

I am taking 5mg Abilify to reduce prolactin for Amisulpride

We took a blood test about a month after starting, and the prolactin had actually gone up not down

Pretty confused about this.

My pdoc says whilst it is very high, the benefit of the medication outweighs the risk

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Yea i have read studies which says abilify improves high prolactin caused by risperidone/paliperidone but not caused by amisulpride.

Same here. I cant stop amisulpride, if it fails my last option would be to go on risperidone.

That one is not an option for me.

It would either be Clozapine, or I might go back on Haldol. It would be a tough decision

Amisulpride has been a life saver

I might ask my pdoc about this - thanks for posting

Im currently on clozapine but the damn treatment resistant ocd induced by clozapine has made my life worse. We are tapering down clozapine and increasing amisulpride right now.

I would suggest you go on low dose clozapine if amisulpride fails you cuz haldol is not much effective for positive symptoms. If low dose fails, then expect the following side effects

Heres the list of side effects i got on clozapine

  1. treatment resistant ocd and other anxiety/panic problems
  2. huge sedation even worse than a benzo
  3. huge weight gain and sugar cravings
  4. myoclonic jerks
  5. bed wetting
  6. hyper saliva
  7. Postural hypotension
  8. and more which i dont remember

Abilify makes me extremely paranoid too. I had to discontinue it.


Best option will be to use risperidone especially if you still get paranoid positive thoughts on weaker APs.

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I get paranoid too. Not sure if it is the abilify I’m on. But yea, before abilify I never used to get paranoid. ■■■■ abilify.

Paranoia messes with my assertiveness skills

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i was on abilify consistently and developed very high prolactin levels out of nowhere. a CAT scan and MRI were done to make sure it wasn’t cancer. It was not. I know zyprexa got a massive lawsuit against them for making men grow breasts due to high prolactin levels. I was also on zyprexa, then off for a while and when i started abilify i started to actually lactate despite not being and never having been pregnant. psychiatrist and general physician said it was milk and that my prolactin levels were sky high but i wasnt pregnant. 6 years of lactation…i quit taking my meds bcuz stupid reasons, and poof no lactation issue anymore.
i havent lactated in like a decade, but i have been very inconsistent with my ap’s.
i just know i was actively lactating during the beginning of my abilify treatment.
a lot of these ap’s that are 3rd gen, meaning newer ones after like the 50’s, have side effects that are still being studied.
i dont lactate anymore btw. but i have been inconsistent and usually only take 5 mg, down from 15 after adverse heart side effects


I am on abilify but it still increased my prolactin too.

Perhaps it just doesn’t raise prolactin as much as other aps.

Cos my prolactin was not ‘hugely’ over the maximum level.

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Same here the last blood test I had said I have slightly high prolactin but I was on 2 antipsychotics at the time. Seroquel and abilify I am now only on abilify and had a recent blood test and am waiting for the results

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Abilify was good for my psychosis, 20mg was as good as 4mg Risperdal.

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My paranoia got very intense on Abilify. I couldn’t stand it. It reduced me to tears the torture was so bad. My doctor told me to hang on. But I couldn’t. I could only bear a few days and then he took me off of it.

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Abilify made me super anxious and paranoid too.
Couldn’t handle that drug.
Partial dopamine agonists like Abilify and Vraylar make me nuts!

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Abilify is not for everyone. When I moved back to my home state and keeping up with my Abilify injections it caused me paranoia, massive anxiety, tons of external voices, video visions, internal voices, tons of visual hallucinations. It works fine for someone I know. Abilify is not for everyone. People react to anti-psychotics in their own way so if you can’t adjust to it you’ll need to change it. Besides the negativity it was a cool story though I went through though while experiencing all of that!

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