Which medication doesn't cause hand tremor?

In years I haven’t had problems with hand tremor from APs. I worked at fast and casual restaurants and it was never a problem I even forgot about it. I work at cafe bar now and work ir really delicate, I can’t bring two large cups over the table at the same time and putting some tea in a tea holder is difficult as it looks I have mild Parkinson’s. I’m on Invega. My pdoc suggested a med change due to it, but I refused as meds are working wonders for me. What medication causes less tremor?

I’m not suggesting u necessarily go on this one, but it’s been noted in journals that clozapine has the smallest effect on extrapyrimidial symptoms such as shaking etc.

There s maybe a better option thou cos clozapine is seen as last resort med

Edit sorry misunderstood the question just realised u wanna stay on ur ap

I’ve read that benztropine can help with tremors. You take it with your current medication.

The deal is clozapine is really strong and causes a lot of drooling as far as I know, because my relative takes it. And read other bad things like bed wetting also and blurred vision

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I don’t like anti Parkinson’s medication as it is too stimulating for me. Sometimes they cause me confusions which becomes a panic attack.

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I have tremors from Geodon and 50 mg of Benedryl a day knocks them out. You don’t even need a prescription for it although I have one.

Is it stronger than trihexephenidyl? Aka. Artane? Cause I read it works similarly, rises confusion in some people