Hand tremors, help!


I’ve developed a slight hand tremor in the last month or two, I don’t know whats causing it but I’m getting concerned about my job as a dental assistant. That’s something that uses your hands and you really shouldn’t be shaky while assisting a dentist. My current meds: Lithium 1200mg, Geodon 60mg, Vraylar 3mg and Klonopin 1mg PRN. I have tried benztropine with no positive results.


I take Geodon. It gives me hand tremors. I take 50 mg of Benedryl a day and I don’t have them anymore. It works good.

My wife takes Inderal or propanalol for them. I have heard Cognetin works well too.

I am sure you’ll find something.

Benedryl is over the counter. Try it. I take 2. Take them before bed time though because they can make you sleepy.


Try eating a banana, see if the twitching goes away in an hour. If it does, that twitching is due to low potassium.


Lithium is well known to cause hand tremors. Often propranolol helps


Is propranolol much different than Cogentin(benztropine)?


Works in a totally different way. I took it when I was on lithium for my trembling hands. It worked. Is really cheap too


Did you find a solution?


I spoke to my nurse and she said to start taking the benztropine 3 times a day now compared to 2. It seems to help a little, but it’s not a solution by any means.


I have really coarse, intention tremors in my right hand and arm. The doctor put me on Cogentin (benztropine), but that did nothing and made my mouth bone dry so I quit taking it.


I took procyclidine before for this kinda thing. You will need to see the doctor to get it. My pdoc thought propolonal was a bad idea


Talk to your treatment team. I doubt it’s a banana and that is totally inappropriate. If only things were that simple. I’d say it’s a med problem for sure.


Hi, medication iam on 18.5mg Lusaridone can cause hand tremors i suffer from slight ones myself frequently,as can other antisypcotics hope this helps!