Which AP causes least amount of tremor?

My hands shake often after I drink coffee or smoke and I get embarrassed while drinking from a cup and being nervous doubles it. I am currently on risperidone and my pdoc considers changing AP but she didn’t mention to which one. What could you recommend? P.S. I tried haloperidol and quetiapine that just feels awful to me

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I take Saphris and Rexulti and I don’t shake at all.

Respiridone made my hands shaky and gave me jumpy legs when I was trying to sleep. I got off of it right away.

I switched to Abilify…no major problems now…maybe just a shorter attention span while watching movies and reading long text.

If this started since before APs, you mighy need a neurological consult.

Does anyone else in your family shake? Sometimes, tremors are hereditary.