Do you have hand tremor from medication?

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • No

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Hi, I never noticed my hand tremor before the illness and had jobs where it wasnt required to handle certain items like brining cups of coffee to a table for customers. Now, even with anti parkinsons medication does not help and stress and anxiety maked my life difficult at work and i feel anxious when customers notice my hands moving unnaturally. I dont know which medication I should use or maybe ask for increasing thr dosage of trixephenidyl.

I used Benzatropine it worked but I switched antipsychotic now its rare to have involuntary movements.

I do not have hand tremors, however, at times I am infuriated and with adrenaline rushing through my body and a feeling of retaliation, I quake with fervor.

I had this when I took Invega and Abilify together

Same happens to me, im stressing at work and my tremor increases, also my grandmother had parkinsons

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