Which is the most effective medication for stopping auditory hallucinations?

Dear all,

I have recently been experiencing a noise at night which repeats my thoughts. Although it is not a threatening voice, it does distract me.

Thus far I have been unable to eliminate this disturbance and would appreciate the communities experiences with anti-psychotic medication and auditory hallucinations. Which medication is the most effective for this symptom?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Flupentixol and Zyprexa (not at the same time) got rid of the voices. But Flupentixol made me a zombie and Zyprexa made me gain weight.
It has never been as quiet in my head as when I had flupentixol. Well needed rest.
I have Abilify 20 mg now because I don’t want to be a zombie. I still have some voices left. Not as intense, but they are there.

I have not had any luck with the newer meds. The older meds work best for me. I have been taking perphenazine for the last 6 years. It works best for me. Nothing I’ve ever taken has gotten rid of the hallucinations. The older meds keep me calm and they are much less costly. The newer meds had way too many side effects.

Geodon works for me. Clozapine is very effective but pdocs want you to try it only after trying almost all of the newer meds because it has complicated side effects, they’re a long story.

Each person reacts differently to each med. What works for me might make you even worse, and vice-versa. But some drugs have higher efficacy rates than others, Clozapine being one of the best.

Nobody ever recommends seroquel but it was one that my doctor tried on me to get me back to base level. It does lower the seizure threshold though, so it’s not always very effective. I think doctors usually try you on older medications first. I would guess it would be easier that way because they know more about them. My doctor recently recommended Sapphris but I’m sticking with Abilify for now. It doesn’t make me fatigued, helps me sleep, think clearly, and though it does make me extremely spacey it helps with everything else.

Welcome to the forum. Have you discussed different medications with your psychiatrist? And does he know that you are experiences auditory hallucinations? I saw in another post that you are upping Abilify. Perhaps while this is working on your system you may experience more positive symptoms and your psychiatrist should be aware of this.

I’m taking Saphris and it helps immensely with fewer side effects than most other antipsychotics.