Which ap is the most sedating for you

i started abilify and it doesnt sedate me at all i actually take it in the morning, when i was on seroquel i would sleep all day long at least 16 hours and i was on the lowest dose, when i was on zyprexa it didnt make me feel tired but when i went to sleep i would sleep for like 12 hours, geodon made me tired when i took it in the morning but not at night
what has been the most sedating ap’s you have been on

For me seroquel was the most sedating atypical ap though when i was sectioned many years ago they had me on chlopromazine which was a little more sedating.

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I didn’t need a sleep aid when I was on risperidone

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Latuda knocks me out. But I take it at night, so I guess that doesn’t matter.

I took it in the morning one time… Oh, boy, that was a mistake.

most is Geodon even 20 mg made me sleep at least 2 hours in the mornings. Now I take only at night 80 mg with food, seems I have insomnia.

Hope Ability works very well for you. It was a great med for me for sanity.

Seroquel XR knocked me out at night.

I’ve never been on an AP that was sedating

When I first started risperidone I was a zombie at night. Must have adapted on haldol now just makes me sleep good

I take 600 mg of Seroquel and I sleep 4 hours per night.

That’s crazy I need at least 8 hours

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It’s not insomnia for me, it’s more like Seroquel helps quell my aggression.

I sleep up to 16 hours at a time being on Clozaril

I’ve never been on an AP that sedated me. I guess that’s just not really a side effect I get, I always get the opposite, akathisia.

When I first started on Geodon, I could not stay awake on it. I was driving on the interstate fast asleep on Geodon. I’m not kidding. That’s a darn dangerous drug. Then, over time, a lot of time, I got used to it. Now, it doesn’t have any sedating properties at all. I’m on Risperdal Consta, Geodon, and Seroquel, all of which are AP’s, and none of which put me to sleep.
Now, I take Melatonin 6 mg at night to sleep and it works really well. I’ve been on that for the last two and a half months and I’m afraid the potency of that is going to wear off too eventually.

The two most sedating for was 8 MGS a day of risperidone then later i was prescribed 30mgs of haldol daily