Tired from Abilify?

Took a small dose. Was way too tired to do almost anything, even though I did put in a full day of work. It’s a new medicine for me. Also haven’t been in the forum for quite some time.


At first it made me tired!! But then it went away the fatigue.

There was a time I was over medicated (taking too many mg) and taking it in the morning and I was tired also.

But now on 20 mg and on it 7 years no fatigue

Good to hear! Just reminded me of when I took Geodon.

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It’s weird how these drugs work. For me I was wired, and I couldn’t sleep

Ended up on the ward because it drove me mad in the end.

Not sure if it was because of the drug, or returning psychosis

I was on 30mg, and it was not effective for me


I’m on abilify and am tired quite often. But in my case it could also be my sedentary lifestyle and diabetes causing my tiredness. IDK how much is the AP.


That’s a common reaction from abilify too

It’s def sedative in nature for me tho

Also Very effective with very few side effects

Love me some abilify

Yes everyone’s reaction could be different

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I was tired and restless at the same time. It was just horrible for the day I took it. Used to take Latuda.

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Abilify is still sedating vs no meds but way less sedating than my current 6mg risperdal. I was on 15-20mg Abilify for 8yrs.

I was given risperdal about 6 years ago when I was first diagnosed. It knocked me out.

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