Which Antipsychotic is most unlikely to cause akathisia?

Which of the antipsychotic is most unlikely to cause akathisia?
And what happens if a normal person took abilify? or antipsychotics? what would it do to them?

Abilify had the least akathisia for me.
Were you diagnosed with schizophrenia?

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were you on Abilify pills or injection? which have you tried?

I don’t at all on clozapine.

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clozapine has the least EPS - including akathisia - of any antipsychotic. Haldol has the most


I tried Abilify pills 25mg for 8 years.

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clozapine does not cause any EPS side effects, while other antipsychotics cause dose dependent EPS side effects. [1]

[1] http://www.mediafire.com/file/m6tu7dlyje3tvc3/Leucht-2013-15-antipsychotics-meta-analyses.pdf/file

AP’s always give normal people really bad akathisia.

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what is AP? what medication is that?

AP is short for antipsychotic.

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I get bad akathisia on haldol now. I used only tiny doses of meds for 2.5 years or so?? I relapsed after mum died and a “friend” said/did some creepy stuff about demons. Im back on 2.5mg haldol and have a lot of eps for the first time. I wonder if i should change meds. I cant tolerate abilify or zyprexa.

why can’t you tolerate abilify?

latuda caused me a lot of inability to sit an stand still and panic and anxiety attacks. but i may have been taking too much o it.

How many mg? 120mg caused me severe akathisia (restless), 80mg occasional akathisia preventing me from sleep. I just switched to risperdal.


I read it in a scientific journal

The haldol injection I’m on doesn’t give me any but the haldol pills I’m on do.

If I don’t take my cogentin then I’m in hell.

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