Which antipsychotic AP injection causes least akathisia?

Which antipsychotic AP injection causes least akathisia? why and how?

I believe zyprexa, but that’s a problematic injection to get

why is it problematic?

there’s a side effect occuring in a bit less than 1% of injections where you get zyprexa overdose symptoms. Because of this, any facility which gives you the injection must be part of a program as well as the pharmacy, they also must either have facilities similar to that of a hospital or be able to quickly transfer you to one.

Because of this, many places don’t give the zyprexa injection.

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Id say Risperdal or Seroquel from my experience. Zyprexa acutally gives me a bit akatashia, but it could work for you.

zyprexa, seroquel and abilify at low doses

Latuda gave me akathisia and bad nausea, Abilify made me restless. Zyprexa high cholestrol high blood pressure too much weight gain.
Risperdal 3mg no side effects at all, best for me from the 4 meds I tried, no more need for antiakathisia med.

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Geodon. 15151515

Quick question

Is medicated ejection even naturally for you body than taking meds?

No, geodon isn’t an injection.
Risperdal Consta doesn’t give me any akathisia.