Where you smoking weed?

When I found out that you are 500 times more likely to get schizophrenia it made sense I smoked heavily from about 13 years old.
Did it bring on schizophrenia for you?


my psychosis trigger was sole insomnia and anxiety…as far Ganja is concerned i have smoke a few…!!

Funny that I could never sleep properly either
Never could sleep.

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DO u take sleep aide…??? like zolpidem…???

It’s 5 times more likely (or 500 %), not 500 times more likely.


I gave up drugs once i had a feeling that something bad might happen but it was too late. I mainly smoked weed but tryed a few drugs I think p might have done it for me but I’m not sure.

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Wait…does it not also require the genetic predisposition to sz…and your 500% more likely to bring it about.?..I know a lot of pot heads and none of them have sz…I know 2 other sz and neither if them had even tried it till after they were diagnosed and I’ve done it but I had symptoms at least 10 years before… We All agree its not worth the exaggerated symptoms…I think lack of sleep is worse on me than most anything except maybe too much stress…

I can smoke weed and be just fine.

I was literally smoking weed when I read that article.
I put the joint out as soon as I saw 500 times.

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Used to smoke. I kinda blame it as one of the main factors for my SZ


I had schizophrenia long before, I ever used cannabis.

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I smoked a lot of it in my teens. I guess I smoked a lot because me and my friend smoked more pot than the stoners who frequented our local park. I don’t know where the affect of the pot leaves off and where the schizophrenia began. It was so intertwined in my late teens.

One thing that I know for absolutely sure though is that I can never smoke pot again. I was a practicing crack addict for 4 years and I occasionally smoked pot. My brain could handle crack but my brain could not handle pot. I am not advocating drugs, crack almost killed me. I am lucky I never had a heart attack. But anyways, I could smoke crack every day of the week for more than a few times during a day in that week and I was relatively fine.

But smoking one joint would make me into a paranoid, psychotic wreck. Anyways, I’ve been clean since 1990 and I plan on staying this way so I guess the point is moot.


I smoked a lot in my youth, but so did all my friends and I was the only one who got SZ so I tell myself I didn’t cause my disease by smoking.

I’m sure it didn’t help but it’s what we all did.

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i’m a gree with you .

You think smoking crack can cause sz?
That’s what I was up to right before I got sick

I’m almost positive weed caused my schizophrenia

I’ve never found weed to give me any problems, if anything it has only ever provided me with relief. I began smoking due to my illness, I have found that smoking weed will either agree with you or not, the same goes for people who do not suffer from any mental illness. It certainly isn’t for everybody, but there is no doubt that it has its benefits.

I’m thinking salvia divinorum had something to do with my schizophrenia. And sometimes I think THC has something to do with it.

I don’t know. I got diagnosed in 1980. I started smoking crack in 1986. Crack didn’t seem to cause symptoms or make my existing symptoms worse. Marijuana on the other hand had a very scary and bad effect on me.

I’m not endorsing crack or encouraging anybody to try it. There’s little that’s positive about crack and a lot of negatives about it. I tried it because I was curious and then I quickly and easily became addicted. It’s not a joke and it could happen to anyone that smokes it. Addiction is a life changer. As schizophrenics we have enough on our plate to deal with. We don’t need to live with the burden of an addiction to make our impossible lives any harder.

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It could of been spice that caused mine… I had two terrible trips that kind of reminded me of myself when I was extremely scared in psychosis. And I had visual hallucinations as well.