Where should I spend my retirement?

In ten years? I’m in California now. Florida maybe? Monaco? I’ve always wanted to visit Monaco.
This is a tough one. Switzerland is pretty neutral, and it has alps, that appeals to me.

The Seventh Ring of Hell? Been there, done that.

Hmmm, someplace where there’s horses possibly. No Strike that, I’m afraid of horses, don’t trust 'em.

The Jersey shore? There’s no possible way that New Jersey would be bad. I would trust Bruce Springsteen with my life

Stay tuned in folks for part two. Coming soon to a theater near you in Vistavision.

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You should spend it at work, paying for my retirement :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t move to jersey

Or vice-versa…

Pffft forget about getting a post card from me then, if your going to be like that

Sorry, could you send me $ 10.00 for my birthday?

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I would move to Florida (I prefer Gulf Coast) for the following reasons: No state tax, low cost of living, nice weather, I could go on and on.

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