Where are the support groups?

where are the support groups for the person WITH schizophrenia? not the groups for families only? We called NAMI of Sacramento and they only have information for families not patients. One local group is supposed to be in place but whenever We get there for group they are canceling the meeting? It is so important to meet other people who have schizophrenia??

any advise… i am in Sacramento…

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NAMI is, at heart, an organization for families and caregivers.

You might want to try and contact a local mental health clinic, they should have some information. Also look for drop-in centers, they’re very good for contacting others with schizophrenia.

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thanks for your thoughts


Sacramento is on this list. They should be able to direct you to support groups.

Or maybe here: http://www.mhac.org/help/support_groups.cfm

I was turned on to my support group through my pdoc and the day hospital.

My clinic has weekly groups that I attend. It is manditory by the clinic so that I can get my meds, so of course I go. I am slowly getting used to opening up in the group. Most of the people in the group I attend have huge issues with being stable, so I don’t have much to say since I’ve been stable so long.

thank you… i will look onto the links… luckily i did contact the local psyche center and they apparently have a weekly meeting for all/any various illnesses including schizophrenia… it is a place to start…


thanks for all your input… we are going to start at the local psyche center…cross your fingers…



I hope you find a group. Mine does help me a lot.

thank you… it is all helpful. :slight_smile: