Looking To Create A California Support Group

Hi. Um. Not counting Myself I have never actually met a person with schizophrenia.

I was hoping if there were anyone interested in joining a Support Group.

I live in Northern California so the meeting would probably be somewhere in San Francisco.

Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

If you are interested please post here or email me at kyle.kellel@gmail.com


Hello,it’s very noble of you to think of creating a support group…

here are some nami support groups in California, including oakland, pleasant hill, and fremont.


There’s also a place called Putnam’s clubhouse that meets in concord.

Just moved away from Lafayette two years ago:(

This does not help me at all.

I want to get 5 to 10 schizophrenics in a Cafe

So we can talk face to face about the face of madness.

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Sad to see you go.

Lafayette is one of the BART stops

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It has nothing to do with nobility. I want to meet my own kind

You can start a meetup group for schizophrenia support here



Haha yup

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There’s also an organization called Schizophrenics Anonymous. There is a meeting place in Vallejo.