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Hey, I’m new to knowing about me having Sz… Been on this forum, because it’s nice to read stories from other people with the same issues, stories i can relate to… As well as asking questions…
I was wondering is there anything out there for people like us besides this website. I saw something about a schizophrenics anonymous, but there doesn’t seem to be group for them in Tennessee USA… Does anybody know of anything else similar?
There are so many groups for anything else, but i can’t find anything for schizophrenia… Would like finding someone to talk to, who can understand this…
I’m in the knoxville, TN area for those of you that know where that is

You could always start your own group.

Have you looked into NAMI? It’s not for schizophrenics specifically, but they have meetings for people with MI, some of whom may have a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia.


There’s the Hearing Voices network. They have groups in many areas (I live in a tiny city and we have one locally). I went to those meetings for a while.

Definitely try to seek out a NAMI branch.
I know there is a DBSA(depression bipolar) support group.
Look to see if MHA(mental health America) has an office in your area.
Another thing to check out would be searching for disability advocate centers. Some of these have support groups as well as drop in centers.

Thank you, will try NAMI and mental health america tomorrow. According to internet no hearing voices arouns here

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