When you had the first psychotic episode were smoking cigarettes?

a relationship between schizophrenia and cigarette smoke there may be in my opinion …

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No I wasn’t smoking … I had quit a year before.

I had quite 5 years before.

I started 3 yrs before
It’s probably proven that there is no cause and effect by tobacco
Dope on the other hand is a causative factor

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Looking back, things did get much worse when I started smoking though.

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I felt I had friends for the first time when I started, loved rebelling

but smoking is directly linked to cognitive impairment…
so sz people should avoid smoking…
god bless…

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It’s also shown that a huge percentage of sz’s use tobacco and that it can help a bit

Not exactly enough to counteract cancer

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Have never smoked. Psychosis came out of nowhere after a couple of weeks of really poor sleep & insomnia.

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I don’t know about smoking and psychosis, but at the assisted living center where I live I can see how sick cigarettes have made some of the people here. The great majority of the people where I live smoke. A significant number of them have COPD. They’re on breathing machines. This one guy inhales oxygen with one hand and smokes a cigarette with the other. He is ten days younger than me (56 years old) and he is dying, largely from cigarettes. He has cancer that has spread to his liver. He is fixing to go to the hospital where they will put a tube in his lungs to draw out the poisonous fluids put there by cigarettes. If I hadn’t quit smoking I would probably be as sick as he is.

I was smoking something, it wasn’t cigarettes

I had problems beforehand but I had my first psychotic break shortly after starting to smoke.

I made a poll here:

My very very first… no I wasn’t smoking yet.

I started smoking after my first meltdown.
but long before the official label was put on my file.