Smoking linked to schizophrenia

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yeah I read about this some time ago but nicotine really affects the brain in weird ways, I had a relapse when I quit smoking!

It says

“They found that 57% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia for the first time were smokers.”

What about the other 43%

Either way, my symptoms got a whole lot worse once I became a smoker. They were always there, they just became worse.

I have never touched a cigarette in my life.


Been posted like 5 times before I believe. I can almost copy word for word what I wrote in response. That was Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco some time in his life 1554 – 1618. The history of mental illness goes back to the dark ages. So I’m confused why even go here in research as it’s clearly not the cause.

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Does smoking cause psychosis/ schizophrenia or is just that people developing/with schizophrenia are more likely to smoke for various reasons ?

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Why do I never see them mention the in-patient factor… I started smoking a lot more when I was in hospital, and I bet a lot of people begin that way.


In other news chocolate consumption is linked to winning the Nobel prize…


Same here. I started smoking after my first hospitalization. Everyone smoked so I thought I tried it. I thought I would never be a smoker before that. I couldn’t even stand the smell of smoke and the damage it causes. Well, looks like I was wrong. Damn mental hospitals.

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36+ hours no smoke. Doing great. Still kind of have it on the back of my mind. Comes and goes. No cravings. Having to get creative with how to fill my time.

I feel really good though. It’s almost made me forget what I was doing as far as meditation and trying undo delusion and see the world as it used to be and all that.

Even managed to have a few drinks without smoking. Never going back.


Try to stay away from drink as much as you can in the next few months

Yeah I need to do that anyways. Thanks though, good looking out.

I have never smoked, but my mother was a smoker when she was still preteen. I wonder if the cigarette compounds affecting her womb - like her ovaries & egg cells so deeply that my sister & I were bound to end up SZ prone.

Both my sister and I ended up with SZ with a heavy smoking mother, so there HAS to be some connection back to my mother. There has to be some blame there; smoking since 7 years old she claims.

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I started hearing voices in America in the late 1990s and I did not smoke tobacco at all, I think that smoking is a cultural issue, For example when I arrived at my current culture I did not smoke at all, but as years passed, I also picked up this habit.

I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, and out of the around forty people here at least thirty of them smoke, and smoking has made a lot of them very sick. There are a lot of people on breathing machines with COPD here. One guy is ten days younger than me (I’m 56.) and he has one of the worst smoker’s coughs I’ve ever heard. He’ll cough for about five or ten minutes straight. I’ve seen him on an oxygen machine while he’s smoking a cigarette. He has cancer and a lot of lung problems. Pretty soon he is going to have to go into the hospital where they are going to insert a tube into his chest to drain the fluids in his lungs. One time I was sitting next to him while he smoked, and I accidentally inhaled a lot of his smoke. I must have caught one of his lung viruses, because after that any time I did even the smallest exertion my lungs would start to hurt. It scared me because I thought I had ruined my health. I talked to the doctor about it, and he said my body would fight the virus off. That is what happened, thank goodness.

If this doesn’t stop people from smoking, I don’t know what will :triumph: