When did you start smoking?

I’ve seen some things that suggest smoking when you’re young might lead to increased risk of schizophrenia

If you could also share your age at first symptoms if you can pin it down that would be useful

i started to smoke at my 18. but i started to have symptoms of sz before that-14,15… i was feeling misloved already at earlier age. i was abused sexually,probably it contributed(at the age of 6)…

Not til it was legal I started smoking at 18…psychotic symptoms came at 19…but I’ve been unreal/disconnected my whole life

I started smoking around 17. First psychosis at 23. Now i’m 27

I’m somewhere between you and waterway, I started smoking at 17, first signs at 20

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I started smoking around 14/15, first signs of psychosis around 17/18.

You talking about tobacco?

I attempted to smoke once at the age of 21. It was one puff, failed miserably & never tried again. First episodes started at 24. Currently 27.

I started smoking at 14, signs of psychosis around 15.

Dang, is that legal there?

Smoked cigarettes from 13 to 27. Gave them up when I found out was expecting my daughter. 50 now.

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My parent’s think I was showing signs at age 5.

I really started having a head circus around 10. (talking to God… having very solid looking imaginary friends)

Started smoking at age 15… just finally gave it up a year ago.

I had an imaginary self at 14. I remember I was interested in astrology and I said to my mom “he was an Aries” while I was drunk once…“And I’m a Gemini…so what does that combination make me”…that’s when my mom knew it wasn’t my drug use that caused schizophrenia.

No, not legal.


My friend started smoking at 12…my mom would smoke with her mom at 13…it’s not that rare. I never smoked weed or drank until I was 18. Started all 3 things at 18. Then I was doing lsd regularly at 19

I smoked clove cigs very rarely, at parties pretty much, before I had SZ.

I picked up vaping when I heard it can help with SZ.

Started at 14. Quit at 38. Now I use snustobacco (unfermented chewing tobacco). Smoking was my main interest, and I started before real symptoms. heck, I miss smoking, althoug snus is real good.

Since i was in class 5.but insomnia triggered my psychosis. …damn…

I started smoking when I was 8. :scream:
Was also drunk for the first time at 9.

Started getting symptoms I noticed at 15.

Me and my friends used to smoke and drink in 6th grade. There’s something about a good filter less Marlboro at recess that makes you feel good. I actually quit drinking and smoking after 6th grade.