When was the last time you cleaned your room? (or had it cleaned for you)?

I haven’t cleaned my room since I moved in about 7 months ago. Thick layer of dust covering everything, tons of dead insects lying on the floor, cobwebs in every corner giving the room that authentic gothic mansion feel, piles of rubbish. The nurse is definitely concerned, but I don’t seem able to find the motivation or even see the point. It’s not even that I’m a dirty bugger; I shower regularly and I get my clothes washed. How is it for you?


I enjoy cleaning my room everyday but I wasn’t always like this. I just started chunking my cleaning into bits. I cleaned a little each day and before I knew it, I was like a pro. Just start with a little.


One of my alters cleaned my room like a week ago.

It’s super messy again now though lol

I cleaned it a bit a few weeks ago.

This would concern me.


I cleaned my room yesterday and I clean the bathroom every day.

I get around to cleaning everything about once a week.

The dirtiest part of my house is the clean laundry I have failed to put away.

It’s not perfect in here,

It’s lived in,

But I’d have to say it’s pretty clean.

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i keep my mess to my room, haven’t cleaned it in 6months. books and mail on the floor, clothes everywhere. i’ve been sleeping on the couch at night, and only go into my room to get clean clothes. i clean the rest of the house though. it’s mostly because i haven’t had any visitors since covid, before covid, i would clean my whole house before anybody came over, so i have no motivation to clean my room right now.

the art of chunking. its a good practice for anything.

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I cleaned the bathroom today. I don’t have much in my room, because I haven’t bought a bed yet. Just a mattress. I need to vacuum. I have some totes with clothes.

Hope you find a way to clean it. I think it helps you stay well. Im a little worried.

I just started cleaning my whole house well for the first time in weeks. It is very hard for me to keep things tidy, especially when im unwell and i visit son instead of have him over here. Son is the motivation for cleaning. Im better too at keeping myself clean than keeping my house clean.

I like living in a clean home. I have reminders set on my phone, on Alexa, you name it. I’m in the habit of cleaning even when I don’t want to now. I feel that a clean abode is an important element of maintaining my recovery so it’s important to me.


My room is almost always neat but haven’t vacuumed it for months and dust lies on carpet on edges by wall and on windowsill. I change bedding once or twice a month.

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I am a neat freak. I move my furniture and clean my room everyday. I hate dust. I also wash my sheets once a week. I clean the bathroom and kitchen everyday too.

I cleaned my bathroom anyway


What do you do with your free time if you don’t mind me asking? Is there are something that prevents you from cleaning it? I know depression and negatives all too well. But I make myself a time once a week to maintain and clean my apartment.

Perhaps there are some serious distractions in your life that are preventing you from taking an action. Television? Computer?

This is not a discriminatory post but rather call to action instead. Take care yourself, because nobody else will.

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I used to clean once a week but I haven’t been able to get myself to do it lately.

I haven’t vacuumed for months and I don’t know how to change vacuum bags and I have no more vacuum bags to change with and don’t know how to buy them.

I have clothes laying around.

I still do the dishes once a week and wash clothes once a week but haven’t changed my sheets for a couple months or so.

I cleaned once a week when I lived with my x boyfriend.
He is so great.

Someone destructive stops me from exercising and makes me binge eat sometimes.

My care worker is lovely but doesn’t help me clean.
I don’t have a real care worker I just think I have one in spirit or I imagine I do.

I don’t like it too clean.
It’s so sterile and boring.

My favourite messiness was with my x.

Was so perfect.:two_hearts:

But no one tells me what I can and can’t eat and I don’t approve of animals getting tortured…
My x is the best leader in the world but why should I obey someone I disagree with?
I don’t want to be a obedient meat eater.:open_mouth:
Not even for the one I love most.

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I just cleaned my bedroom a few days ago. Tomorrow, my wife and I are going to clean the laundry room together. The following day, I’m going to clean my bathroom.

I cleaned the house yesterday. My partner helps. I also did some laundry. Got more laundry to do today.

I’ve been clearing out the clutter in my room for the past few months. I have a lot of clothes in there that I need to wash and then sort through in order to decide what to keep and what to give away. Cleaning any other room in the house is so much easier, probably for some weird psychological factor, lol.