When u realize

u dont owe the world anything…the world owes you something. which you may never get. but you sure as hell dont owe the world ■■■■


There is an Intelligence somewhere to which we owe our very existence. Not the world.


I made an effort to pay off all my debts. A big credit card bill from my time in the states to student fees from my failed years at Uni. I literally owe the world nothing! Not that I have too much but I’m happy to be debt free! :slight_smile:


You’ve paid a huge karmic debt for all your schizophrenic suffering, and society recognizes that.


I on the other hand have horrible credit due to a pay day loan I went bad on back a decade ago…but now I don’t owe the world anything as far as I’m concerned…good feeling.

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I owe people a lot. These days I always seem to be needing help from family and friends. And I always feel this sense of responsibility to do the right thing.


Yes, that’s what my grandma says about my illness. Like maybe it’s for the best and even terrible things may have happened for the best. Makes me feel better. I’m quite religious these days and have growing faith in the higher power. Like maybe we’re on earth to pay off our debts. Besides wanting to raise a family and be healthy, I don’t have many other things to live for anymore. I guess family and faith are big motivators to live. I don’t have a specific belief system, just faith that things will even out in the end.

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Faith, is it just another delusion? I hope not.

I think yes my sz is part of this. But I’m thinking a lot on the lines of the abuse I faced. I definitely don’t owe my Abusers nothing. Not even my efforts.

If the world wants to be unintelligent assholes. It’s not my fault. I don’t owe the world ■■■■ to change.

The chosen one belief I believe is a result of abuse. Loss of ego against my will. Out of my control. The mind Doing everything to salvage its self. Grandeur was the best option for my damaged mind.

But now I’ve had enough grandeur. I realize now I don’t owe my abusers anything. And for a while there the whole world was very very rude to me. I don’t owe them anything to change. And @rogueone I just paid off my cc debt too so yeah!!

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I think your ancestors, we bless them, own us the human rights rights. Safety, healthy diet, shelter, certain freedoms without harm, insurance

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”
– Mark Twain

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I don’t think anyone owes me anything, but, yes, it is nice when you realize you don’t owe them anything either. I feel that way about my siblings. I don’t owe them anything. It’s freeing.


Okay maybe the world doesn’t owe me ■■■■. Certain people do but it’s ok is what I’m saying. Certain people =the world.

But idc if they ever give me nothing or not. They owe me to leave me alone I guess.

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