When to go to the hospital?

When are you supposed to go to the hospital?

My medications are a huge mess (I am on 4 antipsychotics and a stimulant and gabapentin). I am having symptoms of sz and I don’t know if I’m being poisoned with psych meds by my dr who I do not trust.

I am not suicidal nor homicidal nor homeless and I don’t wish to be shipped away to a state hospital for the hundredth time.

Is my best bet to not go? I see my not trusted doctor on Monday evening as an emergency appointment made by her.

It’s 9 PM and I have been on the couch all day and I’ve had half a peanut butter sandwich all day. Winning.


my goodness…four ap’s ? that doesn’t sound right…maybe you should get a different pdoc. I would wait until monday if you can…a hospital stay might work too though…up to you.


Maybe ur on too much. When i was overmedicated like that, my symptoms were way worse. I was completely out of my mind.


it seems you have delusions about your antipsychotic and towards your pdoc.you have to be aware that these drugs to help you get better also you have to trust your pdoc she knows better thats her job. and if she sees you need to go to hospital you should obey her so that your symptoms can be improved