If I'm slipping back into a psychotic episode, can they force me into a hospital?

Hearing lots of voices again and getting more and more disorganized, was just curious if I can be put into a psych hospital if I don’t try to hurt myself or someone else.

You Are OK If You Remain Peaceful … ,

Peaceful , and if You Start to Feel as if Your Personal Reality is tha Matrix Part 4ish (OR) Whatever , then Take a Step back and Rest Alone (OR) With a Close Friend You Can Trust … … …


Sorry to keep liking you, @ATARI, but this is really good advice.

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If you’re a danger to yourself and others only I think. Hope you feel better soon.

Are you taking your meds?

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8mg of risperdal, no idea why it isn’t working any more.

Talk to your pdoc, tell him/her that. Maybe you need to up the dose or change meds, you shouldn’t be having symptoms on meds.

If you can’t reach your pdoc, go to the ER


Thanks @rhubot (!)

Naught a Probs Too Anyone Reading Such … ,

e(Y)e Have Been Throo tha Worse of Such a Situation ,

and it isn’t fun … ,

Too Bad e(Y)e Wasn’t Around to Tell Me that In tha Future … ,

Altho e(Y)e Was Peaceful … ,

They STILL Took me Out of My Home … … … ,

pdoc is on vacation gonna try to go to a temporary new one sometime early next week.

Staying at my moms house rn, telling her what’s going on.

Should be fine…


Sounds reasonable. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

Don’t worry about the hospital yet, that’s for extreme cases and you seem very reasonable to me.


(OR) ,

Extreme Families With Plans STILL Unknown … … …

Yeah, but that doesn’t seem to be the situation here.

(OR) Trust Fully … ,

e(Y)e Have Been Throo Possibly tha Worst Yo Yo’s … ,

OK , Back to Work (!!!)


Jus Sayin Yo … … …

I didn’t mean for him not to go to a close friend, just that if he feels safe with his mom than it’s not the case that his family would put him in the hospital.

Don’t use my words out of context please, that’s just rude.

Thanks, I’ve gone through episodes before and I’ll last through this one.

I havent fully gone yet but I at least can realize when my thoughts start to get muddled and positive symptoms get bad…

e(Y)e Didn’t … ,

Dude ,

Chill .


I’m sorry you’re going through that, did your pdoc tell you what to do in case of an emergency with meds? I have an extra zyprexa at home for SOS situations.

he never said, I took an extra dose of Risperdal and I’ll hope it works.

I have some Latuda samples from several months ago but idk if that’s good to take with Risperdal

It Works Guys ,

Chill ,

One Pill Can Last All Day … ,

Evn 3mg’s … ,

You Gonna Be Cool Yo … … …

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Yeah I wouldn’t mix meds. We never know.

Hope that extra dose helps. How long have you been on risperdal?

A few months now, switched off Latuda because it wasn’t working too well for positive symptoms even if it was good for mood.