Can't go to the hospital

So I tried. I actually tried. But apparently I’m not sick enough to go into the hospital yet. They said I had to be a danger to myself or others for them to take me. So I guess hallucinations and paranoia aren’t enough, because I don’t want to hurt myself. Whatever.

I have an emergency appointment with my pdoc, we’re gonna hopefully get my meds worked out. I’m going to see about getting switched to Abilify, since the Risperdal isn’t doing its job and the side effects are terrible at higher doses. But we’ll see. Wish me luck!


I’m proud of you for being proactive with your health and facing this fear. Lots of thumbs up. :thumbsup: :star2:

At least now you know it’s an option off the table for now.

I do hope a med change can bring you some relief. Now you know… he won’t just hospitalize you.

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Last time, I did start hurting myself, and I was suicidal, but I was hoping to get help before I got to that point this time. But I’ll just have to deal with it, I guess. Thanks for the support!

That’s crazy that you have to be a danger in some way to go get well…

Really? I used to check myself into hospitals…never went to a state hospital though that might be different…I guess it might depend on what your insurance situation is? I’m insured through the state as well as privately so I was able to check into private mental health facilities without being in full crisis…I don’t know anything about the hospitals in your area though.

Yeah, years back a person could go into the hospital for all kinds of reasons, sometimes even just to switch meds under supervision. These days it’s just for people in crisis.

As for Abilify, I’m on it and I like it but from my experience and what I’ve heard from others it seems like it works best when used in combination with another anti-psychotic.

they might’ve been saying it was an insurance thing, I don’t really remember what they said specifically. I guess it makes sense, insurance doesn’t want to pay out unless it’s vitally important. Oh well.

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yeah my last hospital stay was more than four years ago and I though I went voluntarily I did show up in a police cruiser fresh out of a night in county jail…so that may have made a difference. That and things could be much different now then they were four years ago.

I was on Abilify for a while. I think I actually got an increase in physical strength from it. Now I’m on Geodon and Seroquel and doing well. Those seem to be the drugs that do me best, with fewest side effects. They tried me on Latuda, but I didn’t like it. A lot of people are saying good things about it, but for me it didn’t work well. Keep working with the med’s and don’t get discouraged.

Ro, I’m glad you’re taking charge of your life. I’m rooting for ya!!

I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to the hospital. Last time I was in a mental ward I was way delusional and had sat in a hot car for 3 days and the police brought me in. I guess that’s just the way it has to be before they will let someone in? Sad. I hope you can cope until they get your meds straightened out.

What happened to preventative care?
Good luck with your doctor. So glad you are taking care of yourself OO

You don’t want to go in the hospital unless it is necessary. Trust me they’re not fun places, and when you get out your pdoc will have to adjust your meds anyway. When you’re inpatient they over medicate you. It’s really not a place to have your meds adjusted, it’s more a place to keep you safe. This last time I was having what they called “command hallucinations” and I would get glitches for two minutes where every belief I had about the world was a delusion and it was justified to kill. I couldn’t shower or change my clothes because all of the steps to do so were too overwhelming. I went voluntarily but they still committed me. I was having positive, negative, and cognitive symptoms. I was a mess. It’s been two years since I was last hospitalized so I was bummed I had to go. Trust me it’s better to adjust your meds from home. :sunny:

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Not my last hospital stay but the one before that, I was called to the nurses station and they handed what they called a “wafer” and I asked them what it was but I didn’t understand whatever they told me, so I figured what the heck and took it. I was convinced for two weeks that it had been some sort of conspiracy to kill my libido. It didn’t even have a psychoactive effect on me though…I still don’t know what that little wafer was…they only gave it to me once.

There was also a nurse there who objected to my saying that I was there for my medication. She cynically made the remark the SHE took medication…WE took MEDS. She wouldn’t give me my medication until I referred to them as MEDS. What a freaking…well whatever.

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Do pat yourself on your back for being proactive but also for not just giving up when the ER sent you away. I’m extremely proud of you.

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never ind hunni. u can do this at home. just get ur meds adjusted and hopefully ull feel a lot better very soon. we;re all here to support u, whatever happens. much love, jayne xxx

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That is unusual. I got sent away to another parish hospital and I was listed as no danger to myself or others.

I have a code worked out with my friends if I get to the point where hospitalization is absolutely needed, I say the code word and they take me to the hospital, no questions asked. It was the insurance that was the problem, by the way, so don’t blame the hospital. If I become suicidal or start self-harming, it’s still an option, not to mention I could always just lie to get insurance to cover it, but I’d rather not do that if I can avoid it.