When should abilify be taken?

Last time i tried abilify 15mg at bedtime, it was making me super tired even till the next day. So taking it at bedtime did not help with tiredness.

Now i want to try abilify 10mg again, but I’m confused if it should be taken in the morning or at night.

it causes little sedation. take at night only.tiredness is caused coz of negative symptoms. ask your doc to give you some medication in morning for negative.

10mg should be less sedating and more activating. I take 10mg in the morning, but to be fair, I do not really notice anything directly upon taking it on the level of activation/sedation. It is only in the longer term of a few weeks that I noticed 10mg to be somewhat more activating than 15mg. I also recall reading it has a pretty long halflife, of about three days. Now I’m no physician, but that would suggest to me that hourly swings in activity/sedation are unusual if taken every day. For me the 15mg was generally a bit too sedating, but that didn’t come in sudden bursts. Similarly, the change to 10mg only gradually made me more active in general. Anyway, if it does suddenly tire you, I would still stick with taking it at night, maybe a few hours before you go to bed already. For you sure do not want that during the day I take it.

I’ve tried taking abilify at different times of day, and the best time is in the morning as it gives you a boost then throughout the day. But take it at the exact same time every day. I take 10mg.

I take it at night why because it really sedates me and I am on the lowest dose I can be on it which is 5mg.

A lot of people find Abilify to be activating, so they choose to take it during the day.

If it sedates you then taking it at bed time might be a good idea.

I used to divide my Abilify in 2 doses, one AM dose and one PM dose.

My last psychiatrist wanted me to take it this way.

Abilify has a very long Half life.

What is half life? Sorry for being dumb…
I was told to take it in the morning

Half-life is how long it takes for half of the medication to leave the system. Abilify has a half-life of about 4 days. Doctors operate under the guidelines that it takes 5 half-lives for any drug to be completely out of the system. So, in the case of Abilify, 4 days later 50% of the drug is out, 8 days and 75% is out, etc.


I take it at night I’m on 25 mg but notice no sedation still…never thought of taking it during the day. Always thought antipsychotics should be taken at night. Either way I don’t think it makes much of a difference when I take it.

To answer more seriously, take it when you wanna save the world cuz it’s the best :wink:

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I’m so horribly selfish! Not only that I dont have any wish to save the world but I also don’t want to save myself.
That is a Whole another level of selfishness.

I’m sorry it’s going rough for you…are you taking the abilify…if you are then maybe you’re having a bad reaction…if not then maybe you should take it :sunny:

I take mine in the morning and evening.

In this thread of yours, I mentioned 5mg gave me suicidal ideation which went away at 10mg.

Amen. & Amen.

Good idea with arapiprasole as it it does tend to be a little stimulating – and even agitating – for some during the first several hours of its active h/l, as well as the first few weeks one is on it… after which things tend to get “better” for most pts.

Excellent stuff from @anon40540444 and @everhopeful. Did the p-doc say he or she was going to start at 5 mgs and move up?

Abilify which has half life of 3 days, would it really matter at what time you take it ? I mean its not like the tiredness will wear off or anything like that.

For most – not all – sz pts, Abilify is somewhat stimulating during the first several hours after one has taken it, especially during the first few weeks on it. (Which makes it more or less the opposite of Seroquel, let’s say.) So taking it in the a.m. is usually what docs recommend. One has be willing to experiment with these meds, however, to get the best results for them in particular.