Going to change the time of day I take abilify

I’m hoping it will make a difference because I feel like I’m being tortured at 7pm. I take abilify at 10pm, so maybe it’s ‘running out’ by the time 7pm comes around. I’ll take it at midday from now on and see what happens.

I don’t suppose anybody else noticed a difference when taking their AP at a different time?

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I take it at night but I find it activating. I need to start taking it in the morning.

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Abilify has a very long half life, 72 hours i believe. It’s most likely not so much what time of day you take it but that you reduced your dose.

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I don’t know. I’m back on 10mg again. I know about the half life stuff, but it’s a bit of a coincidence that I get ‘tortured’ basically every night at 7pm like clockwork.

So, this is a bit of a desperation move.

I was on 15mg when I was on abilify.

I can barely tolerate 10mg, so I’m lucky it’s at least keeping me sane. It’s a full time job trying to tolerate it. I’ve found taking a bcomplex periodically helps a great deal.

I couldn’t tolerate the 15mg I was taking. I went to see the pdoc after being on it a year and 8 months to get a reduction in dosage and he refused, I burst into tears. I had a horrible time on that drug and I am having a ■■■■ time on current drug too.

The lowest he could have reduced it to would have been 10mg, and it’s still quite bad.

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of cbd meds and iti-007 on the horizon.

Yeah cbd meds, I’m looking forward to those.

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What do u mean by torture ?

I take 15mg abilify and it makes me lethargic,fatigued and gives me too much sleepiness. 10mg does not control my psychosis but there is no lethargy at 10mg. And now at 15mg it works for psychosis but i get these side effects. I’m thinking about quiting abilify and trying some other antipsychotic. I can barely function with this fatigue and lethargy

Impossible to describe. It feels like some kind of withdrawal, but I’ve never skipped a dose.

Well, today was better. Took it at noon. Will do that in future. You live and learn.

I have 25 mg. I take it morning and evening. It doesn’t activate me. I am calm.

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I used to take Abilify in divided doses - 5 mg in the AM and 15 mg or so in the PM, before I went to bed.

It really doesnt matter when you take it, because Abilify has a really long Half life.

Yes,I notice a difference greatly.I now take it on an evening (if I take it) as it messes me up if I take it in the morning making me tired and very carnal,it’s a sedative and helps me sleep aswell :+1:

Try a low dose of Flupenthixol (maybe 1mg),and Procyclidine,they both work wonders for me,just take Flupenthixol on an evening though as it’s a sedative and will mess you up if you take it in a morning :+1:

Does Abilify get rid of voices?

I can’t remember if I took my abilify samples in the morning or night but compare it to coffee if you drink it at night your going to be up I regret not having documented my usage as I am interested in abilify as its not as bad on the weight gain as other APs.

It’s made a big difference to me taking it in the morning.

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Everybody’s different, the only way to know is to take it yourself and see. I never heard voices.