When Pizza Attacks

My mom was cutting pizza when it jumped out of the pan and all over her and the floor. The pizza was mine, a special flavor she rarely gets. She felt bad about it, of course. Me, I felt more bad for her than for the loss of my pizza. I felt empathy to an extreme with her in that I probably felt more bad than she did. This led to me being overly concerned and asking her again and again if she was okay, probably to the point of annoyance.

Has anyone felt like this before? A surge of empathy that surpasses even the original person’s emotions?

Not uncommon at all.

Yeah that’ll happen.

How are you today sweety? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think thats a symptom because I can relate

Think it’s just an empathy with someone else in pain.

Ours was a good pizza and stayed in the pan tonight.
Wish we could have shared some.

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Well from my point of view with old friends or acquaintances or a girl i was really into, if i accidantly did something which i thought was harming the person, i would repeat over and over again, " are you okay " which would make the other person feel i guess awkward unless they knew me well. I think it could be from not being able to pick up the social que from the first time i siad it via there facial expressions/body language which is why i would repeat the " are you okay " over and over.

But thats just my thought from my experience.

Its an over reaction, my father tends to be this way a lot

sounds like a jedi conspiracy!?!..lol :wink:
take care :alien:

Though I can’t think of any specific instances, I probably have. About the pizza - I always eat Totino’s pizza. People think I’m leading a deprived, monastic life, because that is the cheapest pizza, but I’m not. That’s just the kind of pizza I like best. I just ate one.

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Have to kind of feel for the pizza though. Gets cooked and about to be eaten. Think I’d attack the person about to do it to me also.

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F-----g terrific. :joy: :joy: :laughing: