I’m buying a pizza pie today!

Getting out of the house for a while to take a break from my puppy.
My father is going to the barbers and then we’re picking up some pizza for dinner tonight!

The Klonopin is really helping me calm down nicely!

Going to take it more often.


Its good to go outside the house sometimes. I feel bad when I stay inside too much.


@Wave I’ve taken clonazepam the last 2 nights for sleep, but since it has a half life of 30-50 hours and stays in your system for such a long time I have felt great during the day. No anxiety at all, but anxiety isn’t a major problem for me anyways. My dad is still deciding what he wants to order for fathers day dinner, maybe chicken.

@Aziz I agree it’s good to go outside, I go outside everyday, even just sit on the porch for 10 minutes to get some sun and fresh air. I use to walk my dog every day but he doesn’t want to go for walks anymore.


Pizza sound’s nice, all meat? Maybe I’ll get one tonight!

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I had pizza tonight at the study. Enjoy @Wave.


Sounds good Wave, have fun getting out of the house.

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I like pizza pies! What kind are you going to get?

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I got pepperoni pizza @see121
It was delicious!


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