Eating out in a restaurant

Today I had a productive day - I finally had enough nerve to go to a restaurant, ok so it was a pizzeria.
My dad dropped off my mom in a nail salon, and we decided to go a few stores down and order some pizza in a local pizza place. I actually have not eaten out in a food establishment in years, I am always too anxious, paranoid, self conscious and hypervigilant to actually sit down and eat and drink in public, but today I actually felt comfortable enough to do it.
Ok so we were the only ones there, and the cashier/hostess was very polite and nice overall.
We sat down in a table in the back, the woman came over with our food and brought it to our table, I had a bottle of water with my slice of pizza. Believe me, this was a big deal for me, havent done this in years - well it is something to write in my journal and tell my therapist, Yeah, I am proud of myself today! :smiley:


You overcame the barrier. You were enjoying your moment without fear and worry, more than the slices of pizza.
Glad that you did. If I were you, I will bookmark this topic. :smile:


Good job. You learned you can do it!! Sure the hostess was nice. Why wouldn’t she be? They get hired because they are friendly and good with people. An employer in a restaurant doesn’t want some mean unfriendly person in that position. You picked a good time to go. My sisters always drag me to packed restaurants. I use my rationalizations: no one is looking at me, no one is going to bug me etc…I always do OK but it doesn’t come easy. Anyway, good for you. Pizza sounds good right about now but I can’t eat it. Maybe I shouldn’t have read your post!!! I’m craving it.


Well done. I rarely go into restaurants unless accompanied by family. I will occasionally go in more down market cafes but not if they are crowded. I get anxious and paranoid with too many people in close proximity to me.
I have a cafe I go in more than others that I call the Elvis cafe because they have Elvis memorabilia on the walls and an Elvis film playing with the sound turned down.


Good Job !! The more you go out the less you will be scared, that is the way it was for me anyways, I still feel proud when I go to the grocery store by myself every week. that and the pharmacy and the pdoc. My panic disorder doesn’t rule my life anymore and I feel good. Anyways, good that you went out !!


Well done, Wave. I think I can understand your nervousness in public. I am glad you feel more comfortable with eating in a restaurant now.

I had a meal at a cafe with my high school classmates yesterday.


Congratulations. I’m happy for you. Eating out can be such a pleasurable experience.

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This is a big step for you. :star:

It’s hard to change and fight back that paranoia and feel comfortable in public… while eating. It took me along time to get this ability back.

Congratulations. I’m glad you gave it a try and made it.

I hope you get to do this more often. One step at a time.

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Dear Mr. Wave,

I’m really happy for you to finally have chance to enjoy this. After all this time, an you got to do this again.

It is a very large step. I’m very proud of you too.

I hope you can do this more often and that this is a sign that little by little getting out will become easier for you.

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Congrats! Sounds like it all happened perfectly~~~

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