When I'm Psychotic

That little incident that should be filed to the back of my brain as item number 1092 to worry about…becomes NUMBER 1…ALL DAY LONG!!

To the point where I can’t sleep, shower, eat…etc. Total obsession of thought for days on end over some random minor thing. Then, exhausted, I crash and need to be taken to the Hospital.

Is this the same type of event that you have also experienced?


Yup, yup, yup.
only difference is “dragged” kicking and screaming to the hospital.

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Pretty close…it seems like I will get manic for days and days…then psycotic as I drop…luckily this last episode is mostly over…and I didn’t lose my ■■■■ too bad…so far anyway…not recommended way to do things…

try an experiement, next time you feel like that try to replace that thought with the lyrics to a song or writings from some sort of passage. and try to remember that instead. So your mind will still be stuck in gear but your still in control of the direction

I’m so worried about you @Patrick are you stable on meds yet??


I’m fine and taking my meds. I was just harking back to when I start losing control and lack insight. Thanks for your concern. I feel right as rain these days. :sunny:


I have the same problem its starting to happen again i thik strange things ad everythig is woozy ad I get obssessed over certain things.

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I have obsessive racing thoughts - and to this day I can not make it go away =( this is why I talk to myself too

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I talk to myself because I’m good company! :wink:

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I have the same prolem and it makes me talk to myself

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really ?! you talk to yourself?

Just now I was at the grocery store and murmuring stuff - then I saw some people starring at me so I pretended that I was singing =)


Yes to the voices and myself

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oh I am sorry =( I don’t have voices - but what I have may be much worse as I think ugly stuff and then talk to myself. Now on Abilify injection it has decreased like 75% so still .

It’s okay. Thats good but I hope it goes away completely

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thank you - hope you recover too.

My mom is SCZ too and she used to hear voices - after medication - it just completely went away.

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That sounds awesome im glad for her! and thank you, itll be a long road i know.

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what were you murmering?

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some ugly people put me through some ugly stuff when I first got psychotic and I couldn’t defend myself and kinda was all alone so now that I have my sanity back ’ I say to myself things that I should have’ as pathetic as it sounds. I was traumatized.

that’s legit to me

I don’t speak to anyone for days on end. In the late afternoon, I lose touch with reality. My mind turns on one thing only-my own thinking.