Name some thoughts you only have while psychotic?

I have repetitive thoughts:

things like ‘you’re not kidding’

‘get a grip’

this kind of stuff is very pink flloyd

but also

I used to have frequent episodes where the story of telepathy and me being late to adult self awareness was like through a veil - in and out picking up where i left off

I think that was how i saw it

but now i’m for the first time in ages more so than ever i’m seeing thought patterns come back - but with insight

just thoughts about my mum having munchausen by proxy

that my whole ego is like popping through my skull like a babies head - obvious to everyone

I’m losing awareness of the little things - like everyone really talking trippy stuff as a matter of course and there is an understanding of a collective consciousness - more in public than not - just delusions of reference i’d say if i didn’t believe it

can you believe i’ve got to the age of 42 and i still don’t know to what extent collective unconscious is out there as a thing all adults engage with

When I am psychotic I usually get suicidal. That’s how I know if I haven’t figured it out already

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King Tut was an amateur compared to me. I can’t explain.


priceless, Nick :slight_smile:


I used to run away from the home I live in. The voices would tell me that my parents were going to get me in my sleep. They would tell me my parents were going to “sew your mouth shut.” So I would run out into the darkness in the middle of the night, trying to get as far away from home as possible. I almost got myself into a lot of trouble in that way.

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ouch Snowtiger

fairytale stuff
i get mixed up as an ugly sister in the Cinderella story - being oldest of three sisters

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My sister is like that

I don’t know if she’s getting better

mums getting older and I can’t take any care of that girl like mum can

One that cracks me up was 'the reaper!!!'
but a bit like in a stage comedy

can’t type without smiling - hysterical

or walking along and I’m Frodo Baggins of the Shire

I can’t even remember the stuff i was coming up with yesterday

the little things

During psychosis i was dragged to hell.

It was hell itself.

They laid hold of my mind and made me think i would suffer with no help for all time, never getting out.

But they only wanted me to think that they said, so i’d know. It was as real as anything and i can say i have indeed experienced what hell is and how painful it is, it literally burns your entire body but in a supernatural manner, it’s inside.

I also thought things were apporting into the room when they were not, i thought the weather was being controlled, i thought at the end of the bridge i was about to cross everyone just flung off the edge and was taken up or was left to drop(not in forever kind of way though), i thought the lord of terror mephisto was in the woods with me.

I tawd i saw a puddy tat during psychosis as well, it was the strangest delusion ever, i was just sitting there and looked over and i totally tawd i saw a puddy tat, weird.

Virtually all of my delusions turned out to be real things even though i had never heard of them.

And oops i saw i guy on t.v. come back to life as well, oops, real.

And just today i learned that spirits can in fact! Are you ■■■■■■■ ready for this ■■■■!? They can in fact create, or recreate ■■■■■■■ dinosaurs, and i was ■■■■■■■ thinking that we could make them human friendly and have like miniature brontasaurus’ as pets and ■■■■ like that. Because that would just be ■■■■■■■ amazing, i want to see someone walking a pterodactyl one day.

And oh yeah a bunch of bat winged dudes were flying over the house out back shitting all over the place, only in my mind of course, they were really letting me have it man, and it was sprinkling to so it actually sounded like ■■■■ splattering everywhere.

They always use that stuff, like the fear eater in stephen king’s book, he used ■■■■ to scare the woman. It’s always the creepy stuff to freak us out. Try that ■■■■ on the tribals man, it don’t work at all because they aren’t a bunch of pussies over there. Like if you show a trible dude some bugs he’ll try and eat them, so it’s weird.


I’ll be walking along and someone coming towards me in the distance and ‘the name of the game’ is Androgyny and you are supposed to keep people guessing whether you are male or female, kind of blend in, so i Bowl along like a guy

I’m really sorry it is so hard sometimes

I really hope things improve

Pan’s disease? are you on good medication? do you have extreme depression?

are you psychotic a lot of the time?

are you in the States? and what do you do for health care?

I am confused that anyone can ever get on meds or be stabilised without the full few weeks in a hospital setting ?

i might be talking about the NHS in the old days when less care in the community but it’s all on the NHS so what do you guys do in the states?

I get intrusive thoughts, mostly sexual imagery, some of it is compelling me to commit violence, lately I have had a lot of racist ideas about myself and others. Really what the psychosis throws at me is any thought, feeling, impulse or idea which I would find objectionable or frightening. IT is never very complicated like what many people describe on here or well formed statements, just whatever I find the most stressful pops into my head. And I am psychotic almost 24/7 even on meds, I am treatment resistant. In other words, compared to me many people on this forum have Schizophrenia Lite, I’m not undermining their struggle, just describing what I have struggled with for years. Many people on this forum couldn’t handle one minute of my psychosis.


That everyone hates me. That my family hates me. That my pdoc and nurses hate me too. That my ex husband is plotting to kill me. That the Veteran’s Administration is actively killing off all of its veterans, and I’m next to go. That the computer is talking to me personally and working against me. (The computer has a personality and it is malicious.) I start hearing voices, like I am right now. I start thinking that I need to isolate myself from people. I start thinking that the VA is poisoning me through their medications they prescribe to me. I start thinking that all men are gay. Oh, and I believe that I am doing all this suffering in order to suffer as Christ suffered. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Too much to launch into but during my biggest psychotic break, I thought I was Christ returned, that my whole life had been staged in order for me to suffer for humanity and that when I died I would come back merged with God to take my thrown and be Queen of the world. I ended up cutting my wrist and taking all my meds waiting to die and come back as God.

Pretty far out there. I don’t ever want to experience anything like that again. Here’s hoping my meds keep working.


Things I deal with: that everyone can hear what I’m thinking; that I need to stay away from windows because there may be snipers in the woods; that the government is putting thoughts into my head (usually to harm myself); that random women want me sexually; that I am going to come apart on an atomic level and disintegrate. That’s just a few of the thoughts I have.


which meds have you tried? on a high enough dosage? have you been tested to see if Clozaril is an option?

Recently the only time I’m psychotic is if I’m high.

I’ll hear voices from people or cars that I’m passing by asking in a violent voice, “Are You High?”

Lots of bickering and arguing.

I hear “stupid ■■■■■■■■■■■■ shutup” at least x100 times everyday

Usually it’s just people…nothing from outerspace or anything like that.

I just start getting angry and do “out-of-the-ordinary” type ■■■■.

I’m on medium doses of two medications, 3mg rexulti in the morning and 400mg seroquel xr at night. The meds are not enough to completely control the psychosis, I simply have to deal with the loss of functionality that comes with being schizophrenic. I know plenty are worse off than me, but I am also worse off than many.

I never get “high”. That’s asking for trouble.