When I was younger I had no idea that I was going to get sz

When I was younger I had no idea that I was going to get sz. After a while, I kept thinking…man, I can’t believe I have sz. I also thought I can’t beleive I am on disability.

It happens. Please don’t open any more posts tonight! You’ve a number open already and it’s quiet time for the boards so please don’t spam and let others have a go. I dealt with symptoms all my life in hindsight…didn’t even know what schizophrenia was and when diagnosed was trying to explain everything as having multiple personalities…that was my knowledge of sz.


Yeah, I did not believe it even after I was diagnosed for some time Jake. It took getting stabilized on meds for me to be able to look back and understand that I was delusional.

Yeah, same. I don’t have sz, I just have horrible depression with psychosis.

Life is weird. But that’s why it’s life.

Schizophrenia hit me like a ton of bricks.When I was younger I thought i’d never be ill.

I remember telling my ex when I was 19 that I could develop schizophrenia… (my uncle had it and for some reason my mom or someone told me I could get it) even when it did hit me, I didn’t realize what was happening. I had no clue what having schizophrenia was like until I got it myself.

Most of my life had sucked up to that point so more suck wasn’t a big surprise. Overcoming it and having a good life was the surprise.

I had not the slightest idea.
I always felt special, some kind of grandeur.

The diagnosis hit me hard. I think it led to me falling into a deeper depression for a long time until I came to terms with it.

Yeah, I am extremely thankful for disability, but I felt humiliated at the same time because I couldn’t look after myself. Up until I became unwell I had always had a job since I was about 11-12 years old, and I worked full time when I wasn’t in school. It wasn’t until I had a med change a few years ago that I started feeling better and I work part time now so that makes me feel a little better, I am contributing now instead of just taking. (No offence to anyone that can’t work, I’ve been there)

I had small signs of hallucinating as a child. I was also introverted, highly imaginative, and more than a little paranoid that people were out to get me. The environment was always felt so painful, and I was considered over-sensitive. But I never expected to run into so much trouble as an adult. :sob:

Me, my mom and siblings always knew my dad was off his rockers but for some reason I never suspected that I could possibly grow up to be like him. Even though I was just like him in almost every other way.

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