When I was younger I had no idea that I was going to get schizophrenia

When I was younger, I wouldn’t have guessed…in a million years, that I was going to get sz.


I barely knew what it even was. Like a lot of ppl probably

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I knew I had it before I was ever diagnosed or had a psychotic disorder.

I basically knew about the condition from psychology and I realised I had it because of delusions of grandeur (you could tell they were delusion because of the elation I had and the convinced self idea i Had about being right about what I thought) - I told my sister it’s got to be schizophrenic thinking and then about a month later I was involved with mental health services.

I think nobody knows they are gonna get sz or any other mental illness when they are young

I didn’t have a clue either.

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For me it was like a switch that got turned on. I thought sz was something that happened to other people and was never going to happen to me. Now I take nothing for granted anymore.

I thought that I had sz before being diagnosed. But I refused to accept it bcz I didn’t want to be horrible.

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Neither me 1515

Yeah, I was kind of withdrawn and weird as a kid but no one, including me, would have guessed
I would grow up to be---------a janitor.

When i took abnormal psych in college diagnosed myself with all but sz, got sz instead.

Long before my diagnosis I remember I cried when I matched sz symptoms, I couldn’t accept it because its horrible and one of the worst diseases.

I told myself its impossible.

I think the earliest i’ve thought about suicide and having weird stuff happen was around 8 years old for me. I think there’s always been something wrong with me.

I had no idea I would get it either I really didn’t even know what it was

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Same here. Looking back, I think I had some anxiety disorder and depression growing up. Maybe even some mild dissociation. I lacked social skills too. Things got better when I got away from my father. He was abusive to me.

But that stuff sticks with you and affects you. I don’t know how much of it is genetics and situational, but I was a mess. I’m getting better now.

Time and life is finite so I only have so much time to get better and I’m running out of time. Time is not on our sides. I’m 9 years in this illness and still haven’t had 1 official job or class from school. At least I’m content and have fun and experience happiness sometimes. I don’t suffer every day like I did before Vraylar.

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i thought the same. I was normal up until a teenager when I started abusing marajuana

I read; I never Promised you a rose Garden, when I was young and thought I seemed similar, I think. I can’t even remember it. My mom had schizophrenia, but never talked about it, just people bothering her, and I wish I would have listened better. But I was quite surprised when I started having symptoms. I never thought much of my symptoms. At the time I was taking different jobs and hard to stay at a job because people liked bothering me.