I never imagened I'd end up being diagnosed with SZA whi

It was never gonna be me…! until bang I broke down and ended up with SZA

Did you ever think you’d end up with this growing up?

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No, but in college I was studying psychology, and all my essays were about schizophrenia. I was finding it fascinating


no, never did

complete shock

all my friends would say, No way, not you.

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same, i remember in one of my psych classes they were explaining how the “dopamine theory” was becoming popular


Nope. I watched lost as a kid and never thought I would get it. I couldn’t even understand schizophrenia. Hurley from lost apparently had it.

In college, I read the wikipedia article and thought that would suck and never thought I’d get it.

In college, I got substance induced psychosis and knew I was getting schizophrenia or something right away. I knew something was off.


No of course not, but it started early


I’ve been like this since I was a child.

I had problems young but I never heard of schizophrenia until I was diagnosed.

I had problems since turning a teenager but neither my parents nor I thought it would be this.

There was always something seriously wrong with me. I knew from an early age that I had deep, dark psychologial problems. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with clinical depression, then psychosis, then schizophrenia. So, I always knew I’d be mentally defective as an adult.

No, I never met my biological father so I knew nothing of my genetic history, and nobody on my mom’s side had schizophrenia. It hit me at age thirty and it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m the only one in the family with it (stepdad’s family doesn’t have it either).

I’m guessing if I ever track down my biological dad, he’s got a few family members with it.

My father’s cousin had schizophrenia. But, that’s a really tenuous link. I hope there are no schizophrenic genes in my nieces and nephews. That worries me.

My mom has schizophrenia and my sister has schizoaffective - either that or bipolar and schizophrenia together. Anyway… I never thought I’d get schizoaffective. Never crossed my mind until I had a realization at age 23 that something was seriously wrong with me. Then I finally questioned my sanity and went to the doctor to diagnose me. Once I suspected psychosis, I immediately researched schizophrenia and figured out I had schizoaffective specifically. Then the doctor officially diagnosed it for me at age 24. I just originally didn’t think it’d ever happen to me… never me…

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I guess most people with schizophrenia are surprised at the diagnosis. I guess most people don’t grow up and plan to become schizophrenic. Although there’s many stories on here of people who knew something was drastically wrong as kids and suspected they had something out of the ordinary wrong with them.

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Nope never did think I was going to declared mentally ill. Always did great in school. In highschool my dad had a breakdown and it was called acute psychosis. Had no idea it was 10% likely hereditary. Later in the late 70s the term schizophrenia began to be used.

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No i didn’t think i’d end up getting Schizophrenia, although i do have another family member who has it (but theirs is more drug induced). I always thought i’d suffer from Depression though. I’d always tended to be a bit moody when i was younger.

Schizophrenia never crossed my mind as a kid. I always did very well in school. I took a high school Psychology class and that’s where I learned about the disease, schizophrenia. So, when I began to have a few symptoms at the age of 17, I wondered about it, but took it no further than that. When I finally had a total psychotic breakdown at age 23, in nursing school, I resisted getting treatment out of fear of getting ousted out of nursing school. I ended up not getting treatment for my sza illness until I was 31 years old.

I knew I was off as a kid. Was diagnosed psychotic as a kid. Something I’ve been used to. Just wasn’t treated.

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I was definately always a loner as a kid. I always had problems socializing and always had trouble making friends. As a kid i just assumed i was antisocial and that is the way i was.
It wasn’t till after highschool that the voices started to emerge. I just thought people hated me for the longest time. It took about 10 years of me having voices before i had my first breakdown and then shortly after that i got diagnosed.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I was a total “normie” right up until my married years in my thirties and early forties. It was during my marriage that I began to suffer depression and for which I never sought help for. At the age of 45 I had a complete breakdown and was diagnosed with acute depression with psychotic features. I never took my medication due to side effects and weight gain. I later had another psychotic episode and it was at this point the diagnosis was changed to Schizophrenia.

Here I was at the age of 45 with no family history and no understanding of schizophrenia whatsoever. I count my blessings for all the good years that I did have.

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