When I was sort of frequently visiting a dating site,

to make online random chat

from time to time

i think it is peculiar that the two people that i ended up chatting to from time to time both happened to have autism

i have a strong suspicion that i have autism although i don’t have many of their traits such as stimming
but however,

i am very into regular routine
‘obsessed’ with a certain topic
and socially not naturally adept

i don’t know when i will get an assessment but it would be cool to

i would like to join an autism support site too if i have it


Some traits may not be too obvious but yeah stimming is a defining trait of autism but maybe your stimming is different i dont know im not a doctor i had difficulty telling if i had sensory issues so thats why i ignored my autism.
This site is great it has a forum i dont know how active it is sometimes i think i may join it again.


it does not look as active as i hoped lol, i have heard of this site before.

but yes it might still be worth joining

if i am diagnosed with it


umm, not sure. two conditions dating.

some people make it work.

but Phil brings me back to reality.


i mean i stated on my profile that i was looking for online friendship not dating.
but in terms of dating,

yes, maybe if they can both manage their condition well, i can imagine it being fine

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get the feeling you’re just testing the waters, that’s good, I guess.

my grandmother’s name was Mae Lou.

miss her. lived to 96. amazing woman.

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I went on 2 dates with women I met on an online dating site, this was way back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Both relationships went nowhere, their profiles made them out to be more attractive and interesting than they were in real life.

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I’m gonna make a dating profile with me making an ugly face and under my bio I’ll write “Hi. I am a sausage.”

I hope you’re able to get a good autism assessment. Only a qualified doctor would know. Be careful with self diagnosis.


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