When I was in the hospital


About 5 years ago, I had a psychotic episode that led me to be hospitalized. When I was in the hospital, a nurse-in-training was there. I didn’t see her throughout my hospitalizations, so I assumed that I was safe. I knew her from church, and we weren’t on good terms because she fought with me.

But, she happened to have read the records and saw my name. Surprised, she called everyone she knew in the Korean Canadian community, looking to notify everyone she could. Then, she called my then-homestay mom, who called my mother (who yelled at me for going to the hospital), and she, with her mom, broke into my dorm to find me.

I was writing my exam at that time in an exam centre due to a midterm exam. But she kept calling me, as if she was stalking me. I told her that I was busy, but she kept calling and told me she was with her mother (who knew me). I hid in my dorms after the exam but she kept calling and told me she was in the dorms. I had to let them in due to panic, and they were like “how are you doing???” without even explaining why they were even there.

They gave me some snacks and things, and they left. My boyfriend at that time was like “what was that?” because they broke into my dorms. I assumed that they wanted me to be okay, but they breached my privacy by calling everyone that she knew and letting my mom know. She completely went against confidentiality.

This is why I’m afraid to go to the hospital nowdays because I think people are going to find out and tell everyone. This incident tripled my paranoia to a level that caused me to be unstable when I returned to the hospital after a weekend pass (after my exams).

That is totally illegal. I’m sorry that happened to you and I could see why you wouldn’t want to go to the hospital after that.

Yeah, I was mortified when she called everyone to find me! It’s as if she was trying to stalk me. It was really weird.

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In the USA we have Hippa laws that totally prevent this.
IT would be illegal and she could be charged with a crime.
Maybe she was just worried about you but Really!

It’s illegal in Canada, too. We were thinking about reporting her to the university, but we saved her trouble. My dorm office/residence leader was pissed because this happened. Like…I know she may have been worried…but this made me so scared to go back.

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