The woman at the hospital

In 2013 when I started getting psychotic - I had to call my partner to come and pick me and take me to the emergency.

I was paranoid and thinking my computer camera was recording me - and I also thought there were cameras in my parents apartment and everybody was watching us. I was just so freaked out.

I got rushed into the hospital and I was in the ER and there was this woman who was wearing so much make up and had like triple push ups and I am not sure what she was wearing but she was like a man?! you know. she was strong. So she asked me some questions - and there were a whole bunch of people and I was just crying so loud and freaking out and everybody was starring at me =( I thin she took my blood pressure and then they sent me to a room.

When I was hospitalised, Three men hold me and doctor insert injections in my nerves.

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I am not sure why this is funny . . sorry =( why? were you dangerous?

I also had student of Indian Chinese kick boxing association.

Sorry I spelt some mistake. But it is called Kungfu.

I have been hospitalized many times, always friendly with other patients however they were dangerous but was angry of staff because of their disrespect and their inappropriate ways of treating other patients mainly, I had quarrels with them.:hushed::triumph:

Always had to deal with cops in the hospital once I got pepper sprayed by 5 or 6 cops with shields and helmets on etc then they put me in this room with a heavy duty door and 6 hospital people were around pumping trangualisers in my but

Sounds therapeutic…

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It actually was I won’t lie

I just surrendered to the doctor after two dose. Actually I realised it is good for me at that time.

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I tryed to fight but I was out in less than 10sec

And I was so relaxed even had an image of me on an island next to a coconut tree.


Your memory is good. I am unable to remember that friends who trapped me to the hospital. I forget it all because of med effect.

My memory isn’t always truthfull to me.

Its written in the Logo of Government of India - " Truth always will win." so be careful about it.

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I used to have delusions I still battle with it sometimes. Sometimes truth is hard to face but I’m still trying

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Do you believe, I am working in state govt, hiding that I am a szo. Ok its life. Truths has importance but I choose to hide it for my life.

You must be high functioning I can’t hide my schizophrenia everybody knows.

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