How was your stay in psychiatric hospital?

For me it was below average in Canada. I understand that Canada don’t have the budget for good free mental hospitals. I was 21, now I am 29.

I was put with prisoners, drug addicts, mentally disabled and mentally ill patients.
One guy was walking nude in the hospital and security jumped on him and isolated him. He came to my room nude once after midnight and my roommate kicked him out. A lady was talking to herself that her husband killed her kids. A 19 y.o. girl tried to sleep with me at night, she came to my room, sat on my bed trying to sleep next to me. She wanted to have sex. I said no then she wanted to smoke weed with me in the bathroom. I refused. I felt that she wanted to drug me to have sex with me. She looks like a psychopath. Another young girl was having sex with a guy in the room next to me. There was a guy who was a drug addict, he was allowed to smoke marijuana on the balcony of the hospital. Another was in prison for more than 20 years. Once a young guy and a young girl had sex in my room after the security agents went out after midnight. It was disgusting. I was sleeping next to their bed, I turned my head so I don’t see them.

Some patients were aggressive and agitated hitting walls. They were isolated and attached to a bed in a hidden closed room. They injected them with benzodiazepines sedatives to calm them.

There were weird ppl, a guy made a black coffin with woodsticks and told me its his grave. He looked depressed and sad like hell. Patients were fighting over TV remote. There was more disgusting stuff that I can’t say here.

How was your stay?
(I don’t know if I am allowed to expose what I experienced in my psychiatric hospital, is it illegal?)

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Are we allowed to talk about psychiatric hospital experiences or that’s illegal? I feel the government is watching me when I expose them.

my stays locally were calm and peaceful.

some of my other stays were not too great. one guy kept starting fights, he must’ve been in at least 3 or 4 fist fights in the 3 months i was there. threw a banana at me at lunch before i was allowed to go to the cafeteria, but he would’ve whipped me easy, so i just took it. plus im not much of a fighter. i remember he tried to provoke me by calling me “justin beiber” haha. i was just like whatever.

was forcibly medicated every time when i thought the meds were poison, so that was a bit traumatic. being on staff at some of those places would be tough.

parts of it i liked, but yes some patients are troublesome. so that makes me hesitant to go back.


Mine were bad. 151515151515

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Yea I was scared of one psychopath big muscular tattooed black prisoner. He told me he passed 20 years in prison. I don’t even know if he is faking his mental illness to get out of prison.
Many prisoners fake mental illness to get out of prison. Its unfair and sad.

there were some really cool gentle patients though. alot of them thinking things about aliens or gov’t. one african man i befriended and he encouraged me to become vegetarian. he would always stand in the window and soak up the sun, and he would only eat fruit. we talked everyday. he had a stutter, but other than that i don’t know what his problem was. i remember he lived in dayton ohio and would call it “d town”.

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You are allowed to talk about them. Also, quick reminder, but we are not the government. We are four mentally ill people who just hung around this site long enough to be asked to moderate.


I feel like I didn’t make enough of my two times. I was so anti social and avoided everyone. I regret it


At the time I saw some traumatic things. But since I’ve been to a group home I’ve seen worse things.

My stays were pretty boring and calm, except for one. I was manic and we had a few others in mania. Made it interesting


Mine was okay. Some characters for sure, but no real issues with other patients. The worst part, for me, was not having internet, TV, music, coffee, etc. I just wasn’t used to it. So i would pace around the ward and maybe read a little. Super boring.

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No TV and no coffee? Weird, I had both. There was also a gym.

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Well, there was a TV, but the channels sucked and the other patients were using it lol. No coffee was a bummer, but we also had a gym, too. I forgot to say that. I def took advantage of the gym time to shoot some hoops.

It was a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.
Some of the nurses were very nice and friendly and the food was very good.

I didn’t have any say on what meds I got, they put me on Invega and I had bad side effects.
The worst part was getting a bill for over $1300 usd.

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I’ve been in and out of so many hospitals and psych wards that I literally can’t count all of them. I’m so glad those days are behind me.


My ward stays were pretty unremarkable. Most of the drama was going on in my head.

I got mad at someone for laughing and held him by the collar, because I thought he was laughing at me. I got in trouble for that.

Also I thought I had to touch some patient to “link worlds” or some weird ■■■■, and I ended up just touching him with a fingertip, and I got sent to the isolation ward for that.

Were you antisocial before SZ? I had a friend with social phobia/anxiety, he’s taking meds for it. He doesn’t get panic attacks when around crowds anymore.

I was definitively much more social before my SZ.
I hanged out with 25 friends and a gf, bars, shisha, restaurents, clubs, etc
Since my diagnosis, I lost all of them including my gf. I still text 2 of my friends once a week.
I can’t work either. I just have my family.

Well, to paraphrase W.C. Fields: I would have rather been buried in Philadelphia.

I was in some nice psyche wards and some not so nice. What every hospitalization had in common was they were boring. I was a loner in almost every hospital though a few people took an interest in me. Yeah, in some of them there was sex going on but I never got that lucky though. Surprisingly to me was there weren’t as many fights as I thought there would be. In the long term hospital people would lose control and the staff would either dog pile on the person or throw a net over them (seriously).

Also in the same hospital a typical day would start out quiet but after breakfast the screaming, yelling and arguing would start and last continuously until dinner every day. To add to the racquet they had a janitor crew who would come in three or four days a week and strip the floors of wax and then lay down a new coat. Their machines were noisy.

I remember in Stanford psyche ward they kept a 5 gallon container of ice cream in the freezer at all times that anyone could help themselves to at any time. It almost made having schizophrenia worth it.

My favorite past times were sleeping (#1) and pacing. Every now and then I would deign to kick someone’s ass in ping-pong.

I can’t say I enjoyed any of the hospitals, but whatcha goin’ to do? I had no choice.


My stay in a psychiatric hospital in Canada was scary too but the meds I was put on worked quickly for me and I was released in 3 weeks. I don’t remember much during the first week or so and I was isolated so I missed a lot of what was going on at first. Towards the end of my time there it got quite scary. I wouldn’t want to be a young lady there. That must have been traumatic and very scary for you. How unfortunate and sad. Being a fellow Canadian I’m not proud of Canada on that count. We Canadians all deserve better including our hard working high risk taking health care workers. Our elected leadership is responsible.

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The first time was the worst, because one guy attacked me and we had a fight. The other stays were boring.