Did you ever run into someone you met in the hospital?

I have twice. And both times it was ladies I had incidences with. When I went to the hospital in Redding one older lady told me she went into the bathroom with a young man and he fingered her to climax. I thought it was massively inappropriate considering she was in there for saying she was going to kill herself because her man had died. I felt she was far too vulnerable to be in that situation and so I tattled to a nurse and the two of them were separated from then on out and she was talked to about it. She confronted me to see if I had tattled which I lied and denied, but she knew. Anyway, she was from Ukiah and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t standing in the pdocs office when I came out from my appointment. I looked and said you don’t remember me do you? And she walked right up to me and gave me a big ole hug. We exchanged phone numbers and talked awhile, but I never called her and she never called me.

The other was when I when I went to the hospital in Woodland. She was also from my hometown, the sister of my husband’s ex. She kept taking my things. She took my dirty panties. She was probably a size 4 and I was a size 12 at the time. I went to the nurses station and told the nurse that this woman took my dirty panties and the nurse said no one took your panties just as this lunatic comes walking out of her room with my panties on over her clothes. The nurse came out and rushed her back to her room to get me my panties back. It was probably a year later that we met at her nieces graduation ceremony and there was no sign that she even recognized me. If I didn’t know who she was I would have not known her, she was so normal.


I sure do, and they’re the people I can’t stand and who won’t shut the hell up.


Lol Funny stories. I had a girl in mental hospital that wanted sex at night many times. She came to my bed sitting next to me. I felt uncomfortable and rejected her. She gave me her phone number but I never called her. I think she called me once but I made myself that I didn’t know her and hung up. If I ever saw ppl from mental hospital it wouldn’t change a thing for me, I would still prefer staying in bed. They’re just like regular ppl for me so I bond with them just like I bond with normal ppl, not more easily.

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When I first got to the hospital I walked past a room and saw an older woman giving a younger man a blowjob.

I ran into that woman at the pharmacy weeks later.

She was very chatty, I just wanted to get away from her.


I have seen people in public from the psychiatric ward and they want to exchange numbers and talk etc. But it’s too much for me. I don’t want more friends. I just hide or ignore their messages. I’m not that nice a person I guess but it stresses me out and I don’t want to make new friends.

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Uh, the last time was about 8 years ago. In the long term hospital around 1981 I had been in for several months and this new patient came in. He was huge, from the looks of him I thought he must have played a little football in college.

I didn’t think I had any problem with him but one day we were out on the back lawn and he had a paper cup with a little lemonade at the bottom and he dumped it on my head and then got in my face. I was surprised and my first thought was to punch him. But I knew I didn’t stand a chance so I just walked away.

Funny thing was that after that, he seemed to like me and was friendly. Well, just 8 years ago I was living by myself in a studio in an apartment complex for seniors and the disabled and that exact same guy moved in. I hadn’t seen him in over 35 years and we both had gotten old. Actually, a friend of mine there saw him first and the big guy told him the lemonade story and my “friend” started bugging me about it and laughing and wouldn’t let it go.

But I used to see him and I would sat hi and there was no animosity. My friend told me that the guy told him that the reason the guy tried to start a fight in the hospital was because he was hearing voices telling him that I wanted to hurt him.

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Once a few years ago I saw this lady in the mall that I was with in outpatients. We had a little chat.

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Oh, forgot to mention… If you’re going to run into the loud annoying person from the psych ward, it will be while you’re with an acquaintance you haven’t “come out” to yet about your SZ. And then you run into BLABBERMOUTH.

Just God.

Never a hole nearby that you can climb into and pull it over your head when you need to, is there?

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Not since leaving that state where I was hospitalized in. Thank f-uck.


Yes, a few times. One guy was on Clozapine and I met him in the street. Same with another woman and we ended up having a coffee.

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Was surprised to see our plumber strumming on his guitar while I was locked up on the psych ward for the first time years ago.

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I’m sure there’s a joke somewhere about him plunging toilets here, but I can’t think of one :smiley:


Lol yeah… it was strange to see him there.


I was in a youth psych ward and I still talk to the kids who were there. One of them is 19, and now he’s working full time and sends me funny jokes. We’re incredibly good friends. Another one is now a mother of two children (and happily married!), and another good friend of mine from there has given birth to a baby boy and is married to her husband. A friend of mine from there as well is in Halifax now and has become an accomplished singer and has appeared in Global News and other Canadian media platforms.

We were having the worst time of our lives but now we’re just normal adults who accomplished something despite our mental illness.

If I never went to that ward, I would never have made such good friends.


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